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    Apologizing to the community.

    Dear Community: I want to apologize for interpreting this message too literally. And making a mistake with the conclusions, I created a thread "Release of Dan's Add-ons for Orbiter 2016 is actually cancelled." which is...
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    Happy 20!!

    Hello everyone! "Test pilots wanted! The first beta version of ORBITER is now available. Go to the download page to get your copy" At November 27, 2000 Martin Schweiger posted this message on the Orbiter page. Today is 20 YEARS since the first release of Orbiter! My congratulations to Orbiter...
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    Problem videnie orbit drawing 1.0 incorrect rendering

    Hello, everyone. For some reason, the Solar system planets orbits are displayed on my "Orbiter" like this: Who knows why this is happening? I have installed Orbiter v100830. Run with "Direct3D T&L HAL (NVIDIA GeForce GT 630)" 3D device. OS: Win 7 SP1 64-bit Proc.: AMD Athlon (II) X4 635 List of...