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    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    Higher res Only one side has PV cells, this side is just power connections and routing. I'd guess stitching together all the cells in series and paralel, plus maybe sensors if there are any.
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    Idea Moonraker for Space Shuttle Vessel (SSV)

    I might be misunderstanding the intent of the comment, but not sure calling it ""shallow" gaming" is very productive honestly. IMO one of the great things about Orbiter is it can offer both experiences. People can still be interested in spaceflight and learning more about how it works in a more...
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    Updates SLS Updates

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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hey, thanks for the data. Most of that is debug information basically, but I'm glad I left it in. I'll have a look later on, compare to what I see. I don't have much of a bearing on whether the Igla code is an overcomplicated mess or not, but I approached it as a sequence of several different...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Hey, thanks for the feedback This one is weird. I've been somewhat dreading resolution issues, since I'm testing on one machine/screen only. It's 1080p but I run it windowed at slightly less than full screen. But not sure yet if that explains it, the first counter looks fine. As I understand...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Some more thoughts (I like dropping info all in one place as I find it in case someone out there Googling finds it helpful, considering how spread out it is online): For one, I've settled on operating voltage range between 34 V down to 23 V. This was so for Soyuz-TM and it probably did not...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Yeah, that's what it sounds like, Soyuz book mentions it was an already built ship (number 33 I think it was). Some post Soyuz 11 modifications, but removing solar wouldn't be as simple as just removing the arrays on a finished ship. I'm guessing Zak there just assumed it had none and power...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Strange, Zak seems to think it didn't. But the Soyuz book does mention it kept them since it was already built, makes sense. Contradicting sources, soviet space history in a nutshell.
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    LM Documenttion

    I can't be sure if this particular one is in there, but there's this:
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Some first thoughts and findings: As best as I can tell, they probably would have used silver-zinc batteries (Chertok on 7K-OK / LOK). Not sure if I can approximate a "voltage over time" from that and 27 VDC of onboard power alone. From the power indicator at least I know it wouldn't be higher...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    New version here: Now that there's a proper place for addons, all releases will go there, no more flimsy Google Drive links. Changes: Kavkaz - 18/10/2022: Igla reworked for far-range approach and typical mission profile Descent...
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    OHM Soyuz 7K-T Alpha

    diogom submitted a new addon: Soyuz 7K-T Alpha - Detailed simulation of the second generation Soyuz spacecraft, 7K-T Read more about this addon...
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    Soyuz 7K-T Alpha Kavkaz Release

    This is a simulation of the second generation Soyuz spacecraft, back when it was green, first launched uncrewed as Kosmos 496 in 1972, and crewed as Soyuz 12 in 1973. The 7K-T was introduced in the wake of the Soyuz 11 incident, for increased safety and focusing on the space station ferry role...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    So for future reference, and maybe this is already well known, but I had to try it, making the airfoil symmetric (in terms of pitch moment) about 0º AOA (or in this case +-180º) and having a centre of mass / centre of pressure offset ain't gonna work I think. As I understand it, remaining option...
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    Novamente ao Orbiter

    Viva, bem vindo de volta, Os addons do Orbit Hangar migraram para aqui, na secção "Orbiter Downloads". Não sei bem como está a Arrow em si no O2016, mas dos addons do Dan Steph (que já não está ativo há algum tempo) só o Orbiter Sound foi atualizado para a versão 2016, e pelo que percebi...
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    Advanced Question How to change keybinds on spacecraft

    Feels like there's an unwritten standard to stick to certain keys, or maybe it's just subconscious influence, and WASD are generally not used much. But it depends on the addon and how many extra keys they need, there's no rule.
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    Advanced Question How to change keybinds on spacecraft

    The keys for addon-specific functions are usually hardcoded. It's up to each addon to provide a way to reconfigure, but as far as I'm aware that's not common, don't recall ever seeing it done at least.
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Just as an update, easing back into this now. But I'm doing a relatively deep dive into the whole airfoil thing and trying to find some existing models/numbers for the capsule (found a chinese paper on the effects of ablation to start with, which has some CFD figures). The current lift...
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    Vessel The dumbest vessel in history. And how to do it myself.

    As far as 3D software goes, you don't need any money. Blender will do. I found this tutorial series pretty helpful to learn the most commonly used tools.
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    Problem Orbiter can't detect GPUs other than the default Intel graphics card

    Is this a GPU you just installed? Are all the drivers up to date?