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  1. lukito22ko

    Problem Orbiter 2010/111105 and 121103 are Closing

    I have installed the versions: 111105, 121103 and Orbiter 2010 and I had some problems with the three versions. I searched the Forum for help and found one that helped me a lot However, I have a new problem: When I'm almost in orbit and...
  2. lukito22ko

    Problem My MFD doesn't display the MFD Information

    This occurs in the Orbiter 2010. The simulator opens normal, but can not view the information contained in the panels (NOTE: panels aren't from the VC). Anyone can help me? :(
  3. lukito22ko

    My first contribuition to our Forum:

    Beauty Care, today, my first post to you, I am posting my work in photography .. I hope you like it was not too difficult, and will be available to whom I am posting more pictures, so I can do "JUST LIKE" :thumbup: In fact, someone there knows where I can download the "Saturn V Rocket"...