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  1. AstroCam

    Oh Noes - Yet another *epletive* internet pic

    Okay. Which one of you thought of THIS!?!?!? (Actually i wish i had. Its mildy funny!) :rofl:
  2. AstroCam

    Flaming Brick Status: DROPPPED

    Right, into business. Given the recent release of the XR2 i've started playing around in orbiter again, ang over the last few days two awesome things happened. One. XR-2 Ravenstar takes off from my base in WA, barely uses the scram jets during ascent and runs out off fuel while attempting to...
  3. AstroCam

    Is Orbiter Hanger Down?

    Dunno what it is, but i've not been able to get on orbithanger recently, is the site down or does my Uni internet connection fail?;)
  4. AstroCam

    REDAC Looks for Webspace

    Hey all, i've been trolling the net (as in fishing trawler, not trolling the message boards :P), and given the amount of work i've recently started putting into my fictional aerospace company, i was wondering if anyone can give me the details of a free webhost. Something that has 100mb space, no...
  5. AstroCam

    TetherMFD Update requested

    Hey all, i've been fooling around a bit with the TetherMFD, and if someone could assign the keyboard controls to MFD buttons, and allow tethers to be connected to attach points, that'd be awesome :) The visual appearance of the tethers could also do with a bit of a tweak as well. Also, as the...
  6. AstroCam

    Searching for Nanotech Thermal Protection Data

    Hey all, I'll cut to the point. I'm currently in first year University here in WA, and have been given an assignment from my nanotechnology unit, and being an orbinaut i just had to find a way to link an application of nanotechnology to spacecraft. Rather than rambling on about lightweight...
  7. AstroCam

    Dropping a flaming brick

    Hope you liked the Title :P Anyway, i've had orbiter for ages now yet 2 things keep eluding me: 1) Ground to spacestaion docking flight 2) Precision Re-Entry onto a target base. I've been trying to work on point two, and have discovered ar81's atmospheric landing tutorial, and as such have...