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  1. meson800

    Orbiter is now open source

    Wanted to hop back on and say that this is super exciting! Thanks for all of the hard work Martin throughout the years! I wish I had more dev time nowadays :/ Naive question for those who have looked at this more/have more experience on the plugin loading stuff (I've made cross-platform CMake...
  2. meson800

    Back to OF!

    Hello all! I'm back to OF after a looong time; undergrad was a wonderful, but busy time. I'm off to get my PhD here now, starting in the next few weeks, so may not be able to contribute or participate that much, especially in then next few months. I still wanted to hop back on to say hi...
  3. meson800

    Question Android Fizzle

    Alternate solution, boot into recovery mode (how you get there depends on your device, for mine its shutting down the phone, then holding volume down + home button + power button). I installed a custom recovery on my phone, so it has the option to mount the filesystem as accessible over USB...
  4. meson800

    OHM StackEditor

    You can add unrelated config files by right clicking a toolbox.
  5. meson800

    Software Windows 10 Free Upgrade?

    I believe you can. In the Media Creation Tool at least(which I used when I took the plunge on my computers), you get three options- "Keep apps and data"(in place upgrade, works great), "Keep data"(not sure why you'd do this), and "Keep nothing"(should be a clean install).
  6. meson800

    License Wars MEGA THREAD (now with GPL!)

    There was also the question about people deriving addons from the SDK samples, which are marked "All Rights Reserved". I think the thread agreed that its implied that the OF community can make derived works from the SDK samples, because they are samples. Is that ok with you?
  7. meson800

    Returning from a moon

    I thought that was called the KSP method :lol: :tiphat: I never knew that it was in the Orbiter tutorial. Maybe that says how carefully I read the manual :uhh:
  8. meson800

    C++ Question Avoid Memory Leakages

    Not sure why that's CTDing, but why not just create the MGROUP on the stack? In otherwords, just do MGROUP_ROTATE payloadrotatex = MGROUP_ROTATE(payload[pns].msh_idh[nm],NULL,NULL,reference,_V(1,0,0),(float)2*PI); Then if you're passing it to a function that needs a pointer to it, just do it...
  9. meson800

    .dll Question clbkPreStep doesn't get called

    Yes, I have used a DLL that implements that. Here's the relevant code. I have strikethroughed the specific stuff for my dll class SimpitManager : public oapi::Module { public: SimpitManager(HINSTANCE hDLL); void handleEvent(Event ev); void clbkSimulationStart(RenderMode mode); void...
  10. meson800

    .dll Question clbkPreStep doesn't get called

    That seems correct :shrug:
  11. meson800

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.44, Dec 5 2015)

    When I create a new Orbiter instance, I don't run the verification program, I just delete orbiter.exe and move orbiter.bin into its place and rename. But I do that because I know that Orbiter works on my computer, and deleting/moving/renaming is faster than waiting for the DirectX checks to...
  12. meson800

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    Those are great, I recently downloaded them. Word of warning, don't try to stream them :uhh: I stuck the file on my media server (plex), and tried to stream to my Chromecast. Turns out the bitrate on the first one exceeds the current wireless n speeds. Streaming over ethernet works fine...
  13. meson800

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    I recently found an HD despecialized copy of the original trilogy.
  14. meson800

    Discussion Orbiter export function table

    Thank you! I'm not sure how that would speed up normal development, but this is certainly useful for my work on catch-ctd. :thumbup:
  15. meson800

    API Question Getting thruster group level with no thrusters in group.

    Actually I was looking for a function that returns the sum of all RCS thruster inputs. The issue with the ManualControlLevel is just that, it doesn't include inputs due to MFDs/Orbiter autopilots. Using ManualControlLevel, I can nicely rotate the ship around, but when I hit "killrot", nothing...
  16. meson800

    API Question Getting thruster group level with no thrusters in group.

    For IMS2, I've made an RCS solver- given the COG and a set of thrusters, it figures out the best way to achieve commanded force/torque. Because of that, the RCS thrusters are not assigned to groups such as THGROUP_ATT_PITCHUP. The solver works, I just need a way to get the desired thrust...
  17. meson800

    Project $$$ for Forum/yourself exchange for help on autopilot

    Yes he did. :cheers: I still would have helped even if this thread was free... Let's not turn this thread into another "License Mega-wars thread", it seems to be the way its going :uhh:
  18. meson800

    Science Endless and free electricity generation : what's the trick ?

    Go with the monetary argument. If that was possible, then why do we plug in those computer fans at all? If that worked, don't you think computer manufacturers would just go with the cheaper method---put small magnets around the outside.
  19. meson800

    OHM Interior Navigator

    I think I see where that is going :lol:
  20. meson800

    OHM Interior Navigator

    Awesome, this fulfills something I didn't even know I wanted until I saw this :)