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  1. NOMAD

    OHM New Horizons Pluto Encounter

    Just check the Delta II Mission Mod, I haven't found any stuff of Star48B in it. I know how to program with C/C++ and Orbiter API. I have programmed some Orbiter add-ons though I never publish it. If it is necessary, I will try to write a dll version of the Star48B motor with the spin table and...
  2. NOMAD

    OHM New Horizons Pluto Encounter

    Could you add the Star48B motor as a payload of the Centaur stage(the dll vessel) just like in the Solar Probe add-on ? The Star48B motor can be found in Delta II Missions Mod, but it is necessary to add a spin table on Centaur stage so that we can fire the spin rocket to spin up the solid motor...
  3. NOMAD

    OHM New Horizons Pluto Encounter

    Hi brianj, would you like to make a launch scenario for this add-on? The launch scenario in New Horizons add-on is broken since the required add-on is no longer available on Orbit Hangar Mods. I think it is easy to make this scenario because you can use the stuff from Solar Probe . Thanks !
  4. NOMAD

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    A quick look on my laptop with jarmonik's D3D9ClientBeta10-forRev9.
  5. NOMAD

    New Orbiter development screenshots

    It's excellent! Thank you so much Martin! BTW, if the future version Orbiter renders the oblateness for planets and moons, it will be perfect!!
  6. NOMAD

    Tutorial In Rosetta's footsteps; a planning and flying tutorial [part2]

    I agree with you to some extend. Some missions such as voyager, even several months off is OK since the relative position between each planet changes slow, but for mission like messenger which uses Earth or Venus multiple times for slingshot, the exact flyby date is important since the relative...
  7. NOMAD

    Tutorial In Rosetta's footsteps; a planning and flying tutorial [part2]

    If TransX can perform multiple maneuvers in a single stage, it would be easy to plan this kind of slingshot without using any markers. Anyway, thanks for your tutorial. Few weeks ago, I managed to send my Rosetta to comet 67P in Orbiter, but I failed to intercept with the comet in the final...
  8. NOMAD

    OHM Delta IV Launch Vehicles 3.0

    It's an excellent add-on, but I noticed a problem that the CG of the second stage on the Delta4M is outside of the rocket, which makes it unrealistic. CG on Detla4M stage 2 (outside of the rocket) CG on Detla4 Heavy stage 2
  9. NOMAD

    OHM Solar Probe

    Sorry for my unclear expression. My problem is the extra info does not display in Atlas V 1st stage and Centaur when I use D3D9 Client. The default HUD works fine.
  10. NOMAD

    OHM Solar Probe

    Looks great ! Especially the Atlas V rocket ! There's one problem is when I played with D3D9 Client, the HUD display won't appear until I jettisoned the Centaur stage. Is there any solution to it ? Thanks !
  11. NOMAD

    Programming Question Calculate TLE to Orbiter Elements

    A small program I had done long time ago. It converts the TLE format to a simple format that contains the classical orbital elements of a spacecraft. Hers's the source code. I built it in VS2010, if you want to build it in other IDE, you need to modify some functions like "strcpy_s","strcat_s"...
  12. NOMAD

    Why hasn't there been a dedicated mission to an ice giant?

    Achieving some of these concerpts in Orbiter would be interesting :)
  13. NOMAD

    Project M-II + Negi-5 launch vehicles

    It would be nice , AMSO has this detail and that's very amazing. How can we make it?
  14. NOMAD

    Project M-II + Negi-5 launch vehicles

    It looks like Delta II rocket. Is there any other type of payload fairing?
  15. NOMAD

    General Question what is the current ISS orbit for the Soyuz 6hr rendevous?

    Two-Line Element Sets: ISS (ZARYA) 1 25544U 98067A 13081.16633392 .00030933 00000-0 50677-3 0 4559 2 25544 51.6465 180.3692 0012035 60.7316 12.0155 15.52123944821193 I converted the data so it can be read easily. Name : ISS (ZARYA) Update Time: March 22nd ...
  16. NOMAD

    Found a really cool free solar system simulator

    Celestia is better since it doesn't require hardware too much.It is also an open source software using OpenGL to display.Maybe we can use some of its code to create another orbiter graphic engine.It is a shame that the development of OGLAClient has stopped,since I thought that OpenGL was better...
  17. NOMAD

    Scenario 2013_EVVEJSN

    I also noticed that problem. My way to solve it was : make a burn to raise the orbit when you're about to encounter with Venus. After the sling, you should perform an Earth targeting maneuver. But I thought that it wasn't a good method since it cost a bit more fuel to correct the orbit.
  18. NOMAD

    Scenario 2013_EVVEJSN

    A good chance to practise my transx skill. By the way,I found that the orbit became unstable if the non-spherical gravity source option was enabled ,which needs a larger delta v to make a mid-course correction after flying by a planet. I usually combine IMFD's slingshot program to find out the...
  19. NOMAD

    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    4 rocket engines: 2 main engines, 2 retro engines. NO hover engine ?
  20. NOMAD

    OHM DragonForThorton 1.0

    I am wondering that what is the difference between glider's SpaceX launch vehicles and Dragon Add-on and donamy's A Dragon by the Tail Add-on? There is no more detailed information about the latter.