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    Bug Addons with multiple files displayed incorrectly after forum redesign

    Hi! I've tried to search for this bug on forum but either unsuccessfully or it is not reported. So. For addons with multiple files, i.e. Orb2016 VesselM Pack previous design allowed to download any file from the list. Now when I try to get files from VesselIM Pack I'm getting only the first...
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    OHM International Space Station v.3.2

    It looks like ISS addon is not compatible with Baikonur surface tiles addon. To be sure I've checked that surface tiles are definitely working (i.e. Vostok addon was OK). Any suggestions/workaround? UPD: I've found a solution. You should add baikonur surface tiles text from readme to the file...
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    OHM Proton Launch Vehicle v.2.2

    Any ways/chances of adapting addons for Proton LV 1.0 llike Zond or Venera-9 for the current 2.2? Such a bitter waste of addons...
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    OHM PTK NP Spacecraft

    Scenario 1 crashes after ignition of the Launch Escape System (~200 sec in flight) Here is the Orbiter.log data, if the may help: **** WARNING: Mesh not found: .\Meshes\.msh **** WARNING: Mesh not found: .\Meshes\.msh >>> ERROR: No vessel class configuration file found for...