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  1. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It’s pronounced like ‘vah Moose’ with the accent on the moose, at least in my neck of the woods. The part that actually caught my eye was the ‘Oh crap! It’s a Thesaurus!’
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Internet Video Thread

  4. Arvil

    Problem Orbiter crash

    AFAIK, Orbiter doesn’t like the x86 folder, it prefers to run as C:\Orbiter. That’s where it is in mine. Actually my install is C:\OrbiterTop\Orbiter. OrbiterTop contains the download folder and the external docs folder, and others. It could contain multiple Orbiter installs, if you like.
  5. Arvil

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    So, @LordCroussette , how well does that thing pitch or yaw in space?
  6. Arvil


    Maybe some day, Orbiter will become ‘required flying’ in aerospace courses. :probe:
  7. Arvil

    OHM Throwback 2001

    Wow! A computer from 2001 or before is still alive!
  8. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    50 km not far at all. I can see the landing patterns for JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia in New York/ New Jersey from eastern Pennsylvania, about 140 km away low to the horizon.
  9. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    If you were a couple km to the left, and the arc went the other way, I'd say maybe an airplane's port wing light, but from this side it would be green. How long was the exposure? Just reread your post, you didn't take it, you found it online. me :dopeslap
  10. Arvil

    What music are you listening to?

    Oh, yeah! Uff Grundsau Daag . . .
  11. Arvil

    IMFD Surface Launch Program

    I use LaunchMFD for launching, usually manually launch and get my orientation close then hit the AP. For landing, I like HoverMFD, you can select hover, heli, or tailsitter modes, and it uses the nav/com frequencies for the base and pad, or enter any long/lat. Not sure why Pursuit doesn’t show...
  12. Arvil

    Updates NASA updates

    No doubt he was told to, or ‘we’ll kick your arse’.
  13. Arvil

    Vessel Commerical LEO destinations and other space stations

    And no windows to look out? Like living on a submarine. For power and thermal, maybe an arm from each segment inward between spokes articulating to follow the sun, solar panels on the sun side and radiators on the shade side.
  14. Arvil

    Internet Video Thread

    Imagine modeling that one for Orbiter.o_O
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I think that’s what tinnitus is, hearing a frequency. Mine’s about 8k Hz or so, seems like square wave. There’s a site you can go to that will emit any frequency, several waveforms so you can match what you hear. My audiologist said she can tell the difference between noise related and age...
  16. Arvil

    Question Installing addons

    If only all the devs followed Martins’ instructions in his docs. I like diogom’s suggestion to copy manually, then you can put them where they belong, and catch the same file names thing.
  17. Arvil

    Wandering Earth

    You would have to convert the Earth itself to fuel, and I suspect you would run out of Earth long before you got far.
  18. Arvil

    Question DragonFly CoG issue

    :cry: But, at least it’ll give opportunity for clean install, if not the saved .scns.
  19. Arvil

    Updates NASA updates

    How come I didn’t think of that! I could have made myself really something. :unsure: