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    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    At the moment, according to the information I have, Starship project on the LC-39A has been mothballed, but information has recently been received about a possible expansion of the SLC-40 site. Maybe they'll move Starship there.
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    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    Hi Brian, I have been following what is happening in Starbase for a long time and I would like to point out some inaccuracies in your Starship / SuperHeavy project 1.Venting This is depress vent. It is used after tests to dump the fuel and is not used before launch or static fire. This is...
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    OHM US ISS A to Z v.3

    Hello. ISS doesn't work on my computer. This is very strange, since everything seems to be fine with log (I will attach it below)
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    Vessel Multipurpose aerospace system - MAKS

    Is anyone working (or has worked) on this in O2016? It seems to me that the idea is quite interesting.
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    Update Antares 3.0 released

    Hi. The orbiter.log says: ============================ ERROR: =========================== Mesh not found: .\Meshes\Starlab\Bcubesat.msh [MeshManager::LoadMesh | .\Mesh.cpp | 1238] =============================================================== 000000.000: Finished initialising status...
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    Update Antares 3.0 released

    Hi. I downloaded Antares 3.0 and installed all the add-ons, but scenarios with Starlab does not work. Please tell me what to do
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    AMSO AMSO for Orbiter 2016 released

    Good day. Who knows where to find the scenario Apollo-Venus?