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  1. Krishnan

    Question How did you get into Orbiter Sim?

    In fact, Go Play in Space even says to get a copy of Orbiter from CD from a magazine, apparently
  2. Krishnan

    Gaming Space simulator: Best sim on mobile or orbiter knockoff?

    I did find an abandoned website which had a game based on the orbiter engine, though It has been ever abandoned. It should be in the thousands of bookmarks I have archived. I heard that the MFDs for Orbiter are compatible with it also.
  3. Krishnan

    Share your ideas to make the Solar System feel alive

    I enjoy flying the XR5 as a space cargo/ passenger pilot, ferrying from Wide-Awake International to a Lunar Village I was working on (so far abandoned, maybe in the future I will continue work on it). I also enjoy doing accurate and precision direct reentries back to Wide-Awake using clever...
  4. Krishnan

    Using Orbiter Space Flight Simulator for IB Diploma Programme Internal Assessment/Extended Essay

    Thank you so much for your response! Also, is Fundamentals of Astrodynamics a good book to read and learn the calculations/physics behind such orbital mechanics (including transfers)? I saw the book being reccommended in Go Play in Space. Can a person like me read it? Is it appropriate for...
  5. Krishnan

    Using Orbiter Space Flight Simulator for IB Diploma Programme Internal Assessment/Extended Essay

    Hello friends. It has been a long time since I last posted. Now I have started 11th grade in the IB Diploma Programme. For my Physics Internal Assessment and the 4000 word, interdisciplinary extended-essay, I was wondering if I could use Orbiter to conduct research and write papers about...
  6. Krishnan

    I haven't been here in a long time, but I decided to come back to India and study IBDP for my...

    I haven't been here in a long time, but I decided to come back to India and study IBDP for my 11th and 12th years. It is gonna be tough adjusting to the country and the curriculum, but I am sure I will succeed.
  7. Krishnan

    Project XR2 Crew swap

    I would love to see Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova!
  8. Krishnan

    Question Braking rate MFD

    BurtnTime MFD has a braking distance. I just set dv to the orbital speed, select engine, take a look at the braking distance (It says something distance), activate attitude autopilot, and excecute the burn at the correct distance according to map MFD.
  9. Krishnan

    Question Return to Earth MFD

    I would learn IMFD. It has helped greatly. Although I ahven't gone to mars, I have returned from moon several times. My favourite thing to do is an inverted, direct, reentry, and landing. IMFD allows you to do such things, and is a powerful tool.
  10. Krishnan

    IMFD IMFD- In-plane Lunar Transfer

    Is it possible to do a traditional, In-plane lunar transfer using IMFD? I know you can do a offplane lunar transfer. Or would that just be using the Map program and Delta-V Program? I understand the usefulness of off-plane lunar transfer, especially when you are launching from high lattitude...
  11. Krishnan

    Hardware Building a simple simpit

    Is a mechanism to press the actual touchscreen buttons that is connected to a physical button viable?
  12. Krishnan

    Orbiter demotivators

    I still have faith. I saw Dgatsoulis' demo on youtube, it was very nice.
  13. Krishnan

    Problem Orbiter crashing after second start

    I have got the same problem....
  14. Krishnan

    Orbiter demotivators

    Dang I never knew there was Orbiter Memes. I had some fun going through these. Sorry for necroposting though.
  15. Krishnan

    Orbiter demotivators

    Did you just predict Ukraine-Russia Conflict?
  16. Krishnan

    Orbiter demotivators

    One day, UMMU people can walk. And dance
  17. Krishnan

    Mysterious lights spotted in the night sky of India

    Rip, I live in tamil nadu. Too bad nothing passes that low.
  18. Krishnan

    Hardware Building a simple simpit

    Hello Everyone. I have decided to build a small simpit. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick, and plan on getting a couple of monitors for mfds. I plan on using a table and cardboard/wood for the panels. I don't plan on getting switches, just mfds and speakers for the sounds. Does anyone...
  19. Krishnan

    Question Which Addons Work With Orbiter 2016?

    I do love 2016's graphics and improvements, but don't mind getting 2010 graphics and more addon gameplay. It reminds me of FSX and other graphics of the era. The nostalgia is nice.
  20. Krishnan

    Orbiter in 20 years

    I forced one of my friends to play Orbiter, he moved to hawaii. I do promote Orbiter in my KSP playing group.