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  1. llarian

    General Question Does Orbiter 2010 have Generic Camera?

    DanSteph stqted quite a while ago that he would not update his addons until an "official" stable release of 2016 had been made. Since than he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, his fspassengers included. Dgatsoulis, i believe has done an Arrow update for 2016 (search the...
  2. llarian

    My orbiter crashes even if I made sure all mods are compatible with it

    And don't forget to provide a copy of your Orbiter.log so we can see what is happening.
  3. llarian

    Hello, I play orbiter, but i am just 14 yers old.

    Bon jour Jerome et bienvenue. Your age does not matter. We run the full gamut from teens to retired (I am 66). There are several here from France that should be happy to guide you along, though I would highly suggest that you make a presence on the Orbiter Francophone (DanSteph's website). As...
  4. llarian

    RIP Apollo 7 Walt Cunningham
  5. llarian

    News Roscosmos News

    Most of this tripe is NOT Roscosmos News and belongs in The Basement. Please move it there.
  6. llarian

    Updates SLS Updates

    Love watching a new bird flex her wings.
  7. llarian

    New Feature Ignorance is bliss

    Ah ... no. She's one of the voices of sanity here.
  8. llarian

    New Feature Ignorance is bliss

    Why bother? If someone wants to ignore me, screw 'em and the horse they rode in on.
  9. llarian

    Launch News SpaceX launch and landing

    Sometimes I just can't help myself. Here's a view of a SpaceX launch and landing you don't often get to see:
  10. llarian

    Fly high James McDivitt

    RIP Apollo 9 Commander James McDivitt.
  11. llarian

    Problem Lunar Mesh Textures don't load and other problems (2010)

    You might be better served if you use a more recent version of Blender. There have been substantial improvements in UV handling. The latest LTS version of Blender is 3.3.
  12. llarian

    Updates NASA’S First Asteroid Deflection Mission-Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

    The ATLAS observations were most impressive. That little asteroid took a good wallop. It will be interesting seeing the numbers that come out of this event. Now, cummon guys ... Launch Hera!
  13. llarian

    Updates NASA’S First Asteroid Deflection Mission-Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

    Interesting to see that the little seemed to have its own rock orbiting just off its surface. or it could just be a big rock peeking out of the shadow.
  14. llarian

    Updates NASA’S First Asteroid Deflection Mission-Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

    As I said in the Shoutout Box, how many in the Orbiter Forum are watching this live?
  15. llarian

    SDK Question Can someone please post the old Sketchpad2.h file?

    In my origianl installation of Orbiter 2016 in Orbitersdk\include\ I have a copy of Sketchpad2.h. If you want me to send you a copy just PM me.
  16. llarian

    Launch News Delta IV Heavy with NROL-91 (final SLC-6 launch)

    Delta IV Heavy is my favourite launcher. It always looks like it wants to blow up from launch to SRB seperation. Too bad there is only two more left.
  17. llarian

    OHM SpaceX Mission Package (2016-present)

    You are looking for the file SpaceX Mission Package (January 2020).zip. If you cannot locate it, give me a PM and I will email the zip file to you.
  18. llarian

    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Yeah, well, you can make up a lot of incorrect "laws" based on a statistical sample of one.
  19. llarian

    News Roscosmos News

    Based on your latest few posts you are just vomiting up political shite. Get back on topics related to Orbiter (which legitimate news from Roscosmos is) and relegate the political crap to the Basement where it belongs.