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    Question C coding- impossible constraint in 'asm'

    It could very well be a compiler bug. The compiler that ships with Dev-C++ is about 5-6 years out of date at this point. This is why the use of Dev-C++ is usually recommended against by people who write a lot of C and C++.
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    Launch News MSC Tycho Brahe on Copenhagen Suborbitals HAET1X, Baltic Sea launch - Attempt 2

    According to WolframAlpha, that's only about 3gs of acceleration on average. You'd still need to be pretty strong, though. Lots of squats. :P
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    News Space tourism coming soon!!!

    Whereas in mine, it's closer to $800-$900K. Maybe more. Then again, this is in the 7th richest neighbourhood in Canada.
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    OHM SpaceShipOne v2.0

    It's possible. I've done it once or twice. You need to control your angle of attack very carefully and precisely, and launch from just the right altitude and speed.
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    Project OGLAClient O2010P1 update (OGLA 110130)

    I'm getting crashes no matter what I do. It loads the scenario fine, displays the scene (apparently without flaw, from what I can tell), and then crashes with this following OGLA.txt log. I've tried playing around with compatibility settings and gotten nothing. I'm running Windows 7 on an...
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    Discussion Orbital Propellant Tanker

    Well, you CAN shut off an SRM, but in order to do so, you have to blow it up. So still testosterone-fuelled.
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    Request Space core

    So much space. Need to see it all. Er, I mean, this would be a cool idea. Although, wouldn't copyright be an issue? SPAAAAAACE!
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    Project Rockot launcher

    Some would disagree...
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    OHM SideMountHLV

    I've tried to run it in Orbiter 2010 P1, too, and I get a CTD upon going into the cockpit view. As long as I stay in the external view, everything is fine.
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    Project Starting a new realistic Starcraft addon

    Spawn more overlords.
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    Idea Light from planets illuminating vessels?

    One thing that always struck me about pictures I've seen from LEO is how much light there is. Sure, the unattenuated sunlight illuminates everything a lot, but a good portion of the effect comes not from sunlight, but from light reflecting off the Earth itself. That's why, if you look at...
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    Maybe in the addon they're supposed to be the uprated RS-68As? The RS-68A is supposed to run at around 3.12MN, which isn't quite 3.3MN but it's closer. Or maybe they're RS-68Bs, which presumably are even more powerful?
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    OHM Proton Launch Vehicle v.2.2

    Ah, I didn't know there was a patch for 2010 out, thanks.
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    OHM Proton Launch Vehicle v.2.2

    Just installed from orbithangar. No CDT, but when the scenario loads none of the meshes show up and everything is on the equator. My log displays the following: **** Orbiter.log Build Jun 6 2010 [v.100606] Timer precision: 6.98413e-008 sec Found 0 joystick(s) Devices enumerated: 6 Devices...
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    OHM Falcon 9 - Dragon spacecraft

    I just downloaded it, and I'm getting the same problems others were having with the simulation loading okay but nothing showing up. My OS is Vista and I've got both the 2008 and 2010 versions of VC++ Express installed. I'm using Orbiter 2006P1.
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    Idea Shuttle payloads that never flew

    I could support addons like this. I think there needs to be more addons that focus on payloads rather than rockets and finished spaceships, which to be sure are sexier, but what's the point of a rocket with nothing to carry? I could probably model this particular one myself, if I had the time...
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    Halo Physics

    Unless you count the vaporized remains of the warhead as a "shockwave", of course. :)
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    Idea Would anyone be interested in a set of Dragonfly mods?

    Just generic .cfgs like the default space station modules, unless I decide to make them animated, but I don't think they'll really need to be. If I need more than what generic .cfgs can provide I'll use something more powerful.
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    Idea Would anyone be interested in a set of Dragonfly mods?

    Having little to nothing to really do over these holidays, I'd thought I'd turn my attention to Orbiter once again and do some mods on Dragonfly. Specifically, I was thinking of doing the following: - creating a set of docking adapters for the Dragonfly/Default station docking port to other...
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    The Poetry Thread

    Aerobraking I began far out, far away, over centuries closing the distance, and then passing by. But always did I miss, by hundreds of miles, drifting silently and lifelessly past, until one lucky autumn, one lucky day I encountered an atmosphere. Slowly at first I begin to turn...