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    Software Possible to disable cockpit camera on coolie hat? (any joystick)

    I have the same problem. I am using TrackIR and wanted to assign RCS actions to the Hat switch, but the view shifts, so want to disable the camera view.
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    How to configure a "side" window

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    Hello from Houston

    Hi, I'm returning to Orbiter - I last used to 2010 version, but never really got involved in the forum. I am an old Shuttle flight controller - back room, Payloads discipline, so no great shakes. I like these space simulators, and actually wish I had access to them back in the day when I was...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hello from Houston Hello everyone. I'm Bob. I originally got Orbiter back in the old days. 2006? I forget. I found it after my computer stopped working with the old Microsoft Space Simulator. Then, I stopped playing with Orbiter a few years later. I've recently upgraded my computer and wanted...