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    OHM HoverMFD 1.1.3 for Orbiter 2016

    It appears that the autopilot reads airspeed instead of ground speed, because when set to maintain 0 horizontal speed it starts moving trying to zero-out TAS. Orbiter 2016 introduced wind, which means it should read ground speed here instead of airspeed.
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    OHM Glideslope 2.7 for Orbiter 2010

    Unfortunately GS 2.4 doesn't seem to work in Orbiter 2016, it causes a crash on loading.
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    Item 27 Problem

    I've got a little update on this one: The issue with Item 27 is not limited to ops switch, if you load burn data with item 22, do item 27 and than change the data, reload them and do item 27 again, the computer won't maneuver into the new orientation - it's as if item 27 could only be executed...
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    Urwumpe, why do you have an Old Germanic healing spell (one of the Merseburg Incantations to be...

    Urwumpe, why do you have an Old Germanic healing spell (one of the Merseburg Incantations to be more precise) written in elder futhark in your signature? Is there some backstory about it?
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    OHM CameraMFD 0.12 Beta

    Sorry for necro, but does this MFD work with D3D9 client? Because for me it doesn't even show up on the list after pressing SELECT though I've activated it in modules tab. Am I doing something wrong or it doesn't work with graphics client?
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    OHM XR2 Twilight Sparkle v1.0

    You watched wrong episode. Watch S2E3 - that one still didn't convince me to the show, but it did convince me that Season 2 did hit it's demographic. And it wasn't little girls it was aimed on.
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    Project Orbiter Battle Simulation Project Needs Developers!

    Sorry for necro but is it gonna be compatible with graphic clients? I'm asking bc all those explosions would blow up my computer if I didn't use D3D9 Client - it hardly works at all at stock D3D7, I'm using Windows 7 and it doesn't have actual D3D7 support.
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    Software Blue screen when starting scenario orbiter

    I have exactly the same problem, also with nVidia 200 series card (GT 240 in my case - my thread is still floating arround). The last drivers wich worked with Orbiter for me were 280 or 285 IIRC. The problem is that installing old drivers gives errors in newer programs. Let me give an example -...
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    OHM SSV Normandy SR2

    There is an addon on OrbitHangar which allows to control mass of the ship, which is pretty much what zero element core makes - I don't know if it allows setting negative mass, which is needed for interstellar travel - you can still use WarpMFD then though.
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    OHM UCGO Cargo Funny's Stuff Pack

    Kamikaze Sake - lol
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    Yes, I did, read first post. It's still absolutely stock. Now, THIS is strange: I checked again adn it seems that this BSOD has nothing to do with on the ground or in orbit - I succesfully started scenario with DG on pad in Habana Spaceport, and "Lunch into sunrise" (LC on KSC) Atlantis...
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    I checked, hardware is fine. According to complaints all over the internet nVidia must have messed something up. The most strange thing is that when I start mission on orbit, and then switch to a vessel on the ground, the game runs fine - the problem happens only when I START on the ground...
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    I found some information (on BF3 Battlelog forums BTW) that 296.01 drivers cause such BSODs (the exactly same error) and going back to 295.73 does help, so I decided to start over from scratch. I removed all NVIDIA drivers, then i removed them again (bc it showed that my previous 290.xx drivers...
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    Actually I have no problems with as high-end game as Battlefield 3 - there's no way it can be a hardware problem.
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    U asked for it: *** STOP: 0x00000116 (0xC4547008, 0xD556AACE, 0x00000000, 0x00000002) *** nvlddmkm.sys - Address D556AACE base at D5420000, DateStamp 4f4e6797 I may upload memory dump if it does help. Gonna try reinstalling drivers later
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    It only happens with this one so far. 296.10 is WHQL. Gonna perform the system crash again and check the message. Hope my computer won't burn ;P
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    Software BSOD when starting mission on the ground

    Hi guys, I've got some really strange problem with Orbiter 2010. Well, since yesterday I can't start any scenario on the ground with Orbiter - there is no problem when starting on orbit but on the ground, as soon as scenario starts, game freezes, strange artifacts show up, cockpit disappears and...
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    Problem Time compression doesn't go beyond 10x

    OK, thanks guys, it wasn't DG IV autopilot but removing 737 from scenario solved the problem.
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    Problem Time compression doesn't go beyond 10x

    Hi, I have some problem with time compression in Orbiter 2010 P1. I have created a scenario with 1 Arrow Freighter on orbit and with 1 DGIV,1 crysler car (UCGO),1 flatbed truck (UCGO), 1 Kev33 737 and 2 UMMu-s on the ground. The problem is that no matter what I do I can't run time aceleration...
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    How to get started with SSU?

    OK guys, thanks for help in running this