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  1. PhantomCruiser

    Putting a face to the name

    I don't think I've ever had a picture of me on here... maybe as a thumnail. It's been a while. Anyway, spring 2020, pre-'rona
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    Hello There

    Welcome to the forums!
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    My orbiter crashes even if I made sure all mods are compatible with it

    Yeah... you're going to need a clean install of Orbiter. There is way too much stuff going on right there to unpack. Take a gander at something called the Jonesoft Mod Enabler tool. It's a very small program that goes in your Orbiter directory. When you first run it, it creates a folder...
  4. PhantomCruiser

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I'd thought that if you (or someone) were to release a mesh/textures... that needed someone else's addon that you'd be fine, provided you didn't include their addon with the release. An addon for an addon... if you will. It's not appreciably different than a repaint/reskin of one of the craft...
  5. PhantomCruiser

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Post the log in the "General Questions and Help" sub-forum. We can see if we can get you rolling... er... flying.
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    OHM Groom Lake - The Secret Facility of Area 51

    (Here come the men in black) ;)
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Long time Orbiter, first time poster

    Welcome to the forums! I lurked for a long while myself many years ago ;)
  9. PhantomCruiser

    Problem Cannot Land Shuttle Fleet Vehicle

    AutoFCS. For it to work you will have to make some changes to your Orbiter files, but it's an easy thing to do. Use the search function and look for AutoFCS, there are several threads for it (provided you are using Orbiter 2006 or Orbiter 2010).
  10. PhantomCruiser

    Problem Stock Atlantis Can't Launch in Orbiter 2016

    I'm still looking, but what I'm now remembering is, that is some cases - the shuttle would fall through the launch pad when the scenario started.
  11. PhantomCruiser

    Problem Stock Atlantis Can't Launch in Orbiter 2016

    I seem to remember this being a thing... let me do some looking. Are you using the straight up "stock" Atlantis, no extra add-ons?
  12. PhantomCruiser

    General Question Im Sucessfully landed the Stock Atlantis

    That's quite an accomplishment! I've always found the stock Atlantis to be a beast to reenter with. I can do it, it's just not "fun"
  13. PhantomCruiser

    1st sign on

    Oh yeah, it's a beast. Can accommodate the better part of an operable station in a single lift. With great autopilot programs to get you back on the ground again.
  14. PhantomCruiser


    First off. Welcome to the forums! I enjoyed MS flight simulator (back in the day), but I agree. Orbiter ftw! Happy Orbiting
  15. PhantomCruiser

    Request Artemis + SLS addons ?

    Like this? Rest assured, if it flies in space... someone here had worked, has worked, or is, working on it :)
  16. PhantomCruiser

    Problem AutoFCS Not Working on Orbiter 2010

    Did you modify the Orbiter_NG.cfg file? EchoAllParams = TRUE I think that should do it?
  17. PhantomCruiser

    Hello Orbiter Community

    The stock DG is pretty forgiving, like in all things, it just takes practice.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello! But really??

    Or go right to the Altea Aerospace site ;)
  20. PhantomCruiser

    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    We're not going with the "Tuesday" joke??? :( man I'm getting old. Looking good John, great work as always!