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  1. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Wonderful! I always thought of Pelee Island as a great spot for a future spaceport. The residents would probably disagree greatly... 😂 Will you publicly release it once it is complete? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Having fun with the Chapman Probes Falcon 9 liftoff First stage separation Above a familiar place 40 Mm lunar pass on the way out
  3. Pioneer

    OHM DarkEnergy Spaceplane

    Here's a completely unoriginal idea: DarkLander Here are some better attempts: DarkMatter Electron Neutron Quark Boson Lepton Neutrino Fermion ...if we're still in keeping with the atomic and subatomic particle theme
  4. Pioneer

    Seeking JonnyBGoode

    Try looking deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens...
  5. Pioneer

    Question How did you get into Orbiter Sim?

    When I was younger I got interested in space exploration. After many hours, weeks, months of watching space-related stuff on YouTube, I stumbled upon one of rseferino's videos. Eventually I wound up downloading Orbiter 2010 P1 myself, just a few days after its release! After a long time of just...
  6. Pioneer

    OHM DarkEnergy Spaceplane

    Hello Max-Q! Loving the spaceplane! Definitely adds a great realism element to the simulation and makes LEO flights exciting again. I'm having an issue regarding my ascent. Just before MECO and first stage separation, I get a MCS LV alarm, and after 1st stage separation my controls all lock up...
  7. Pioneer

    Project Shuttle-A Mk.IX

    One thing that I would like to suggest for the new Shuttle-A are realistic fuel parameters. I can't imagine that a spacecraft of that size would have enough fuel to travel in between planets, or between Earth and Moon in fact, without refueling.
  8. Pioneer

    Question Disablement of Reactions

    While recently browsing, I have noticed that the "heart" reaction seems to have been disabled on the forums. I also remember that up until about a year ago or so, the "laugh" or "smile" reaction was available and seemingly removed without notice as well. I was wondering what the rationale was...
  9. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Looking great! I would recommend some kind of adjustment to the atmosphere as well. That unnatural arc of color has bothered me since I installed O2016.
  10. Pioneer

    Updates SLS Updates

    Hooray for the $20 billion money pit! Can someone remind me what exactly was the necessity of developing SLS in the first place?
  11. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Looking great! BTW do you know if those legs were designed to retract or are they meant to stay in a single position?
  12. Pioneer

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Sounds like you would like something along the lines of Józef Piłsudski's "Intermarium" idea. Somewhat of a revival of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth but expanded to even more countries: As for NATO expansion, I heard the argument that it is due...
  13. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Chapman Outer encounter of Saturn Distant pass of Titan Periapsis
  14. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Chapman Outer departing Earth on its way to Chariklo via Jupiter and Saturn. Flight flown using downloaderfan's scenarios: [/IMG] Mid-course correction Jupiter sling Ganymede Encounter
  15. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Or take the easy way put and use PursuitMFD!
  16. Pioneer

    Project XR2 Crew swap

    From The Expanse, the crew of the Rocinante from the initial seasons: 1. James Holden 2. Alex Kamal 3. Naomi Nagata 4. Amos Burton
  17. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Such a shame that it never actually flew. Lots of potential lost... Launch of Falcon Heavy at night View of the Cape area at night Chapman Outer in Low Earth Orbit
  18. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Merry Christmas! Deepstar Probe encounters Sedna Close Approach Past Periapsis
  19. Pioneer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Jupiter slingshot approach Periapsis Post-slingshot acceleration burn