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  1. jacquesmomo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Bonjour Fred Oh yes you are right : I confused DNS and DNP. 🤭 No, it is'nt.... :ROFLMAO: not yet ? I will look for something else... And thanks for your reply... :hailprobe: And just to show you : now, it can also do an EVA (tintin and DG'support are made with Vesselbuider)
  2. jacquesmomo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Good morning I have a little problem, so I ask you if you have the explanation.... :unsure: Here is my idea: if we look at the DNS value read on the surface_MFD (stationary vessel on the ground), we can read 'or see) : for the Earth DNS = 1.225 for the Moon DNS = 0.000 My idea was to...
  3. jacquesmomo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Maybe it's possible... 🤔 I'll try ! 🤣
  4. jacquesmomo

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    I knew I would make it !!! ..... With VesselBuilder.... 😃 Thanks to Fred18 !!! :hailprobe:
  5. jacquesmomo

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Ça commence à marcher... :D
  6. jacquesmomo

    Project French Guyana Airports and Cessna 172

    Some improvments.... :love: with my futur add-on "Cessna and Guyana airpors" (it is for this year !!) :unsure:
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    General Question Does Orbiter 2010 have Generic Camera?

    I know that... Too bad... 😢
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    Project French Guyana Airports and Cessna 172

    Hi here is my 5th character (and 4th version) which will be present in my add-on. I still tried to improve it : now when this character is walking, her legs are animated. Of course it's not perfect, but I hope to improve all this later. :unsure: Parachute jumping is also possible. All is made...
  9. jacquesmomo

    Project French Guyana Airports and Cessna 172

    I managed to make a semblance of animation during the walk... And all this thanks to Vesselbuilder....
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    Many many many things !!!! :ROFLMAO:
  11. jacquesmomo

    OHM Throwback 2001

    I think I have it... my older Orbiter is Orbiter 2001 (010313) but I have also Orbiter 2001 (010503) and Orbiter 2001 (010706)
  12. jacquesmomo

    From old to new links

    Hi Ripley Actually no one answered you. :unsure: I don't know the solution... except rewrite the whole thing. Sorry...
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    :salute: 🇫🇷 🇨🇦

    :salute: 🇫🇷 🇨🇦
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    Problem Cannot add Surface Tiles into a Base

    Yes, the system is very different with Orbiter 2016 compared to Orbiter 2010. This is of course possible, but it is necessary to study the doc... and understand, then try... ;)
  15. jacquesmomo

    Hey Y'all

  16. jacquesmomo

    Project French Guyana Airports and Cessna 172

    My current add-on is now well under way and I think it could be finished within a month. Just for information: there are almost 2000 surface tiles and the addon itself has about 700 files So a little video just to show you an overview. Be indulgent the frame jumps are due to the fact that my...
  17. jacquesmomo

    Hello, I play orbiter, but i am just 14 yers old.

    Hello Jerome :salute: 🇫🇷 So welcome here. I'm from Bordeaux, and I come here every day. But as llarian suggests, you are also welcome on the French-speaking forum (Dan's forum). Everyone here or on Dan's forum can help and advise you. (it's easier for me to explain to you in French, but here...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hi Lumens... I'm french and I live in Bordeaux... :salute: :cheers: From time to time visit us here : (forum francophone très sympa) ;)
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    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    Ow !!!... For docking I did not know... :unsure: Thanks for the info !!! :hailprobe: