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  1. Xyon

    Problem Error when d'loading own addons

    Sorry, I did look into this, but then other things took over and I had to look away again. Your addons look unusual in that they appear to have been brought over by the import script from the old OHM, but that process normally leaves a different kind of Resources entry. Have you modified them...
  2. Xyon

    Problem Error when d'loading own addons

    Hmm, yes, I get the same error, for all your addons except for Will investigate.
  3. Xyon

    Updates Artemis Program Updates & Discussions

    OF Staff Note: Several posts in this thread have been removed. These posts contained off-topic political discussion that should take place in The Basement, not here. Please keep this thread on-topic as it continues. Thank you.
  4. Xyon

    Updates Artemis Program Updates & Discussions

    OF Staff Note: thread locked pending review.
  5. Xyon

    New Feature Discord Account Linkage

    Ahoy there Orbinauts, You can now link your Discord account, should you have one, to your Orbiter-Forum account! By the way, did you know that we have an official Orbiter-Forum discord server? Check it out! So, why would you want to link your two accounts together? Well, this allows for a...
  6. Xyon

    New Feature Ignorance is bliss

    I don't believe this is a feature, no. This is intended for quietly curating your own forum experience, not making passive-aggressive statements about the quality of others' content :P
  7. Xyon

    New Feature Ignorance is bliss

    Greetings, Orbinauts. The forums now provide you the ability to ignore things. Don't want to see a particular thread in the recent feed? Ignore it! Don't want to see anything from an entire forum? Ignore it! You can ignore a forum from the forum view page, by pressing "Ignore forum": An...
  8. Xyon

    General Question Help me - I have a bit of confusion on current/future Orbiter version

    This is broadly true, though Martin is still actively contributing to his repo and we're just pulling changes into the openorbiter fork periodically, so I would always steer people to the "original" repo if they want the source code. The intention with the openorbiter repo was to produce builds...
  9. Xyon

    Announcement Donation target adjusted

    We did indeed. Thank you very much! I've updated your profile manually. The plugin should give you the role, but it's not working properly.
  10. Xyon

    Problem Can't access addons?

    But have you tried using a different browser, of any description? It would help to isolate the problem, if it is just an issue affecting that browser, or some other issue.
  11. Xyon

    Resolved incorrect UTC time?

    Yep. Set your timezone to whatever your ordinary, non-daylight-saving offset from UTC is. XenForo automatically adjusts for DST by itself, so your times will be incorrect if you also try to correct for it.
  12. Xyon

    Gaming Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero

    It's called the "What the Dock" update; details here;
  13. Xyon

    General Question Where i can delete that message

    Hi there. Which message are you trying to delete?
  14. Xyon

    Bug Addons with multiple files displayed incorrectly after forum redesign

    Yes, this is a known issue, I just haven't had the free time to address it properly yet.
  15. Xyon

    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    It's the implementation of this: From here.
  16. Xyon

    Gaming Space simulator: Best sim on mobile or orbiter knockoff?

    Yeah I have this one, it does play really well.
  17. Xyon

    Formula One Grand Prix 2022

    George on pole! Who would've thought.
  18. Xyon

    Transposition and docking

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. It does both! There are no "brakes" on the spacecraft. To slow down a bit, it has to do a 180 flip both to align with the LM and so that the thrusters will impart a small amount of thrust in the opposite direction to their original heading. It's all about relative...
  19. Xyon

    Announcement Upcoming changes and improvements to Orbiter Forum

    Maximal file upload size has been raised to 1GiB for Orbiter Addons. Note that this doesn't raise the limit for file uploads elsewhere on the forum, which will remain 100MiB. If you have need to upload an addon that exceeds this limit, please get in touch with staff about that.