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  1. Grover

    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    are you trying to integrate a vessel that has another docked to it? i thought that always caused some strange behaviour
  2. Grover

    Lowest periapsis?

    i managed -1m... fine, ok i admit it, i buried myself :P
  3. Grover

    General Question Back after a long while, what have i missed?

    Ive not been with the orbiter community for quite some time (almost a year now i think) and now that ive upgraded my computer in the meantime i thought id get in installed again and have some fun, but it looks like there's been some big changes with addons while ive been gone dansteph has...
  4. Grover

    Advanced Question Lunar space station with very low Rinc

    low R-inc compared to what? the earth? just go from your target earth orbit inclination to lunar orbit with as little plane-change as possible and you're there... will probably end up close to a perfect prograde/retrograde orbit
  5. Grover

    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    how about RATOs?
  6. Grover

    How did you find Orbiter?

    i was searching for mods for a space sim "Freelancer" (microsoft from way back) i started just rowsing some mods on modDB and found a wierd link to something called Orbiter space flight simulator... a quick search later and it was installed on my computer and i was trying failing to reach orbit...
  7. Grover

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    just got the hang of the basic controls and fortress management, at least enough to know that i need to really bring some livestock when i try to start... and woodcutters arent any use without axes (my bad...) was anyone else amazed by the sheer depth of simulation here? each dwarf is...
  8. Grover

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    hey fellas, im trying out this DF game can you reccomend a good graphic/tile pack? im curently downloading the phoebus pack, owing to good praise it has recieved, any other suggestions? thanks
  9. Grover

    General Question Reducing the eccentricity of an orbit

    ok, with a little thought into the shape of an orbit, you can work out that perfectly circular orbit must have equal highest and lowest points (apoapsis and perapis respectivley), which means that your PeA and ApA should be the same, give or take your own margin of error. 10km is pretty good for...
  10. Grover

    Orbiter 2013 Calendar

    is that D3D9 used to render shadows on vessels? i need that in my life orbiter
  11. Grover

    Updates SpaceShipTwo to begin powered flights by end of year!

    remind me, are they planning to get beyond suborbital flight? or will this still be an hour long scenic flight for the "astronauts"
  12. Grover

    Scenario Scenario Editing?

    you shouldn't bother CREATING scenarios, just load one thats already made, then delete any vessels you dont want in the scenario editor, as sorindafabico said, Press [CTRL]+[F4], select "Scenario Editor", then click "next"* (i think it says next anyway) than you can select the vessels in the...
  13. Grover

    Question Biking through the Winter

    Its coming to winter, so bikers around the world (the northern hemisphere that feels winter at least) will be preparing their machines and themselves for the colder weather, and of course the rain that falls to no end. currently, it is raining outside my house, and has been for 3 days straight...
  14. Grover

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    wouldnt a swimming machine require some sort of centrifuge to keep the water from wandering off around the whole habitable volume of the ISS?
  15. Grover

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    just found a link to a video to a video called "astronaut does triathlon in space"... then wondered how they do a few mile's swimming in the ISS.... is there any triathlon that doesnt involve a swim?
  16. Grover

    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    ive recently been having a little trouble finding how to fit enough solar panel space into one truss module, like the ISS P4-6 and S4-6 but since finding this video, i can begin to understand exactly what we can do with a modern solar panel, IE how tightly they can fold it up (note how small...
  17. Grover

    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    If you use a separate mesh when intergrated, how do you know which docking interfaces to remove? Consider a 6 way node, it is possible to have an integrated mesh only hiding one docking interface, but any 5 interfaces could be hidden, so which do we delete? The only reliable way to make this...
  18. Grover

    James Bond at 50...

    id say that Sean also makes a pretty good ex-SAS-"criminal" in "The Rock", certainly has the right persona for some of those jokes!
  19. Grover

    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    well CMGs would certainly make station attitude easier to keep. and an autopilot that could hold sun-relative attitude would also be priceless. im now done with inanimate trusses, now i'm onto some moving parts, might start with some lovely solar panels... right after i work out some station...
  20. Grover

    New Release Interplanetary Modular Spacecraft RC9

    ive onyl matched the attachment port sizes (like those on greg's truss modules), but the actual docking ports (his version of CBM if you will) doesnt match mine at all, my CBM design is almost exactly between his smal and large rings, but still, its nothing that the extra added docking adapter...