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  1. Tschachim

    An idle question regarding the Apollo 11 checklist

    Just a couple of technical details: Armstrong is talking about the docking probe retraction system. There are 4 nitrogen bottles, each of them can do the retraction pneumatically and can be used once (i.e. for one retraction) as a bottle is opened by a pyro. Which bottle(s) are used is...
  2. Tschachim

    Problem Need help with NASSP Apollo 13

    Being late to the party, but anyway: I assume you're talking about the fuel cell reactants switches on panel 3? If yes, you need to push the circuit brakers on panel 226 first, they are disabled for security reasons, see screenshot. As for the power down procedure, look at page EMER 1-6 in the...
  3. Tschachim

    Problem NASSP Sextant window is grey

    This is unrealistic but intentional in order to do a P03 on pad: About checklists there are a lot of checklists out there, mostly outdated. The best resources are listed here...
  4. Tschachim

    Question Project Apollo NASSP - Has it been updated to fix the broken scenarios?

    They are here (for free! :)):
  5. Tschachim

    API Question Numerical constraints for VC Active areas?

    Project Apollo - NASSP has no interactive VC, just a static one. The 2D panels have about 1000 areas, no problem or limit here. Cheers Tschachim
  6. Tschachim

    Question Project Apollo NASSP - Has it been updated to fix the broken scenarios?

    "Officially" only Apollo 7 works until we got it done completely and released Project Apollo - NASSP 7. The Apollo 8 Virtual AGC scenario is working OK, there are people who have done this Mission using it. Everything else is really broken because the LM isn't finished yet. Cheers Tschachim
  7. Tschachim

    Problem Apollo SIV-B separation issue

    In Quickstart Mode separation should occur almost instantaneously after pressing J, at least in default vessel configuration. But I'd need the scenario you use to check that... Cheers Tschachim
  8. Tschachim

    Scenario Apollo 13

    It's really just a hint, perhaps this thread (or asking in this thread) helps: Cheers Tschachim
  9. Tschachim

    Problem Apollo SIV-B separation issue

    :lol: Well, there is this Guidance Computer thingy... ;) But I asked because in Quickstart Mode if you press "J" with the S-IVB on orbit, the CSM-LV-Separation checklist of Project Apollo Checklist MFD is executed automatically, i.e. the CSM should separate...
  10. Tschachim

    Scenario Apollo 13

    It is not. Please change the following lines in the scenario ISTGJT 1000.000000000000 LESJT 1000.000000000000 with ISTGJT 184.000000000000 LESJT 189.000000000000 (they are from the Apollo 8 scenario, but shouldn't be too bad) Cheers Tschachim ---------- Post added 10-07-12 at...
  11. Tschachim

    Problem Apollo SIV-B separation issue

    By the way, do you use a Quickstart Mode or a Virtual AGC Mode scenario? Cheers Tschachim
  12. Tschachim

    LUA Multiple Vessel-Persistent MFDs are Incompatible

    I know it's necroposting but I just ran in exactly this issue, once I activate e.g. the AttitudeRCS script MFD I can't activate any other script MFD. Does a bug report exist in the bug tracker of this forum yet, I didn't find anything, just this post? Cheers Tschachim
  13. Tschachim

    Question Locations update of "older" scenarios

    I did it "by eye", but I'd be interested in a calculation for that, too, for me it always looked like it's not just a simple translation for whatever reason... Cheers Tschachim
  14. Tschachim

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Yes, it happens with Quickstart Mode scenarios only, Virtual AGC scenarios work fine, so I don't know since when this happens. Both use different Sols/Earths/Canaverals, I'll check the log and investigate... EDIT: Found it, NASSP still used the old base file system (bases in the planet file...
  15. Tschachim

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Hi Jarmo, did you change anything related to surface base config files? R1 doesn't find the config file for the NASSP Canaveral base, with RC47 and earlier it was fine: (525: 42.43s 83084us)(0x36B8) New Base Visual(0x14D672D8) Cape Canaveral hBase=0x242B3E0, nsbs=8, nsas=1 (526: 42.43s...
  16. Tschachim

    Flight Question Apollo 7 Pre-Launch Checklist issue (NASSP)

    In order to nitpick a little bit, what you describe is how to aim "local horizontal", i.e. pointing the spacecraft's nose parallel to the surface of the Earth directly below the spacecraft. "Prograde" is to aim in direction of the current trajectory, i.e. the direction the spacecraft is flying...
  17. Tschachim

    Flight Question Apollo 7 Pre-Launch Checklist issue (NASSP)

    Hm, works fine for me, see screenshot. Which beta version do you use? Could you attach a quicksaved scenario while you have that problem?
  18. Tschachim

    Flight Question Apollo 7 Pre-Launch Checklist issue (NASSP)

    You can press the PRO button of Checklist MFD to complete a step manually and move on to the next step. For the dV Counter I'll take a look... Cheers Tschachim
  19. Tschachim

    Question Collision detection

    Hi Artlav, By the way, MoonLand isn't working with Orbiter 2010-P1 as denoted in the last post of the thread you linked. Any chance to get a rebuild/version working with 2010-P1? :) Cheers Tschachim
  20. Tschachim

    Problem NASSP crashes often, some scenarios don't work

    You also might want to try the DirectX 9 client, I've problems with NASSP, Win7 and the inline (DirectX 7) client, too: Cheers Tschachim