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  1. Owenmck

    Software Orbiter 2016 for "escape room"?

    As far as I know, @Face discontinued OMP, but they made a new one, OMPU. I'm not sure if the server is still up, but you should be able to download it from here: <O-F STAFF: link deleted> There's a discord with instructions, let me see if I can find a link
  2. Owenmck

    Gaming MotorWings! A KSP + Crimson Skies Remake, Build your own plane FlightSim (with realistic physics)

    Hey Moach, this looks pretty cool. Did you take the website down, I'm getting "Looks Like This Domain Isn't Connected To A Website Yet!" I really want to give it a go. The other thing was, what are the recommended system specs? Thanks
  3. Owenmck

    General Question Transfering Orbiter 2016 to laptop

    Do you have the hard drive from the desktop? When I got a new laptop, I transferred my files straight from the old computer’s hard drive with a SATA-USB adapter
  4. Owenmck

    New Release Kerbol System for Orbiter (KSO)

    Download the most recent release (v0.1) - HERE - Hello! I've been developing the Kerbol System for Orbiter for a while now, and unfortunately I haven't made much progress recently. It's just that, between 3 A-levels, an EPQ, UKroc competition amidst other things, I haven't been able to work on...
  5. Owenmck

    Kerbol System for Orbiter 2021-09-14

    DOWNLOAD HERE This addon recreates the Kerbol system from KSP in orbiter. This is the first release, and contains each planetary body in its correct orbit with surface textures, and any atmosphere. Later, surface bases and elevation is planned to be supported. Please do report any issues to me...
  6. Owenmck

    General Question Good addons

    See here for some addons
  7. Owenmck

    XR Vessels Open-Source Development

    :LOL: I just bought the XR3 mesh on Turbosquid a few days ago with the purpose of building a vessel off it. My impeccable timing pays off once again! :ROFLMAO: In all seriousness, thanks for this, I’m sure it will inspire many great vessels to come :hailprobe:
  8. Owenmck

    Discussion Frameworks for implementing generic Astronaut entites

    I agree with @Urwumpe, that responsibility should be handed over to the vessel when they are inside. This allows developers to implement features like breathing, eating stress etc. however they want. Also, petition to call these Astronauts... Orbinauts (Credit to @Boxx for that one)
  9. Owenmck

    Navigating and Piloting at 1G... for multiplayer?

    Another good thing about OMPU is the fact that you can possess multiple “users.” This is useful, as I could have a vessel I owned around the moons of Jupiter, and another at Earth. So, say someone wanted to trade something at Jupiter, but I was at Earth. It would be a long trip out, with a long...
  10. Owenmck

    New more realistic handling of docking events

    I believe @BrianJ DM-2 mod does something similar
  11. Owenmck

    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    This is along the lines of what I was thinking. The way in which uMMU moved was very strange, and from what I have heard about making such addons, it is quite hack-y. A new class would allow different controls and possibly a more realistic movement. However, I also agree with keeping the core...
  12. Owenmck

    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    I mean, we do have access to the source code now. We could shoot at making something like this more than an addon. Just a thought.
  13. Owenmck

    Problem Not able to load in while aircraft in flight

    Hmm, strange. Seems like you have some addons enabled, try disabling them one by one in the Orbiter Launchpad and see if that fixes it
  14. Owenmck

    Problem Just an Observation

    Are you using these addons in an Orbiter installation where there are many other addons already installed? I’ve never had issues like this with a fresh install, but find them quite regularly with a crowded install. It can be quite a puzzle to find which addons are not compatible with each other
  15. Owenmck

    Orbiter is now open source

    The vessel could have some values in the configuration file, that tell Orbiter at what impact speed / temperature it should destroy the vessel, and if those values are not exceeded, then it lets the vessel’s own code deal with it. That would allow a global destruction of vessels, whilst still...
  16. Owenmck

    Orbiter is now open source

    I agree that collision detection and perhaps vessels being destroyed when they impact either; other vessels or the ground (nothing to fancy, just a visible explosion and the vessel disappears, kind of like how it happens in KSP) should definitely have some focus.
  17. Owenmck

    Scenario "Default Start" Scenario

    Can’t wait to give this a try :hailprobe:
  18. Owenmck

    Flight Question Default Atlantis Ascent Autopilot Behavior

    Welcome to the forums! I’m not sure about the altitudes in wiestion, but I think that the autopilot for the stock shuttle is just a LUA file somewhere in the Orbiter Directory. If you are familiar with the lua language, this may be of some help to understand what the shuttle is doing. I guess...
  19. Owenmck

    Vessel Transorbital tug / Hauler

    As for this, I was thinking maybe it could be spherical, or kind of "LEMish" (I don't even know how to describe that shape... "roughly cubical with lots of edges?"). Lemical? Lemgular?
  20. Owenmck

    Vessel Transorbital tug / Hauler

    I always liked the cockpits from Rogue Spaceship, with massive display screens instead of heavy, vulnerable windows. (Reference Image)