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    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    It seems that you already have a "LOAD" for Item 22, so no need to key ITEM 22 ENTR again. (I-Loaded values?)
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Flight day 4: With a crew leaving the sleep station at 66:41:30 GET, the day featuring the first EVA of the Apollo program is starting. Need to test those PLSS backpacks! Activities for FD4 were as follows: Tunnel pressure verification & equalization G&N Power up (CM) Tunnel & LM hatch opening...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Flight day 3: With a wake up at 39:02:00 and another proper but this time not very restfull sleep cycle, flight day 3 started, finally featuring the first LM activities to be performed on LM-3 "Spider" in space: Tunnel pressure verification & equalization G&N Power up (CM) Tunnel & LM hatch...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Flight day 2: After completing the first "proper" sleep period of the Apollo program, flight day 2 started. The following activities were to be performed: G&N power up SPS-2 burn SPS-3 burn SPS-4 burn G&N power down G&N power up: Procedures for G&N power up started at GET 18:50:00, with a CMC...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Hello all, It´s again time for another Real Time Simulation debrief, this time for Apollo 9, wich we started on January 7th and concluded on January 17th. I continue to do these debriefs as I think that they provide usable feedback for NASSP´s users and the dev team. For Apollo 9 I considered...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Well, ready for the flight of the Spider? 7 days to go. All invited! Best regards,
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    Problem I Cannot Rendezvous the ISS

    An alternative (Orbiter 2010 but still applies to 2016):
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation preparation

    One quick question I did on the chats, that I will ask here again so it persists here. For 9´s tansposition and docking, what is the correct pitch rate after launch vehicle separation? Best regards,
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 9] Realtime simulation preparation

    Dear all, I am finally on a kind of routine of apollo realtime simulations. One year ago we completed the (second) first one, Apollo 7 and now I am preparing for the challenge of Apollo 9. It had to be delayed two months, so it will liftoff on january 7th at 11:00 CET (Central European Time)...
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    Updates SLS Updates

    I wonder how the Apollo 8´s CM smelled like after splashdown.
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    Reencuentro con mis amigos astronautas.

    Bienveido de vuelta y un placer saludarte!
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    Apollo 9: P52 Opt 1 (Preferred) at T+5:10:00 Question

    Hello, Maybe some of these quicksaves I did during my second practise run for 9 help? Note that they are generated running the release 1944 of NASSP 8 beta. Best regards,
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 8] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Hello, thanks for the comments. I proceed to answer: Q1: Virtual cockpits have "seat positions" and also "view positions" (I think they are called that way). What you see me do is to change the view position, and for that I use the combination Control+Alt+Cursor (Left/Right/Up/Down). Q2: Yeah...
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    [ESP] Buenas y gracias por leerme

    Bienvenido de vuelta! :welcome:
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    Updates SLS Updates

    From what I heard, they didn´t came as far down the "checklist" as during this countdown during the wet dress rehearsal, so maybe that is why they didn´t catch the #3 issue.
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 7] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Hello, I think, IIRC, during that timeframe we were talking about a procedure for the AGC so that the attitude doesn´t get into Gimbal Lock during the sleep period. The procedure was "created" during this RTS run, based on @Thymo ´s knowledge; maybe he can help you more on it, as I cant find...
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    Updates SLS Updates

    Can´t those batteries be recharged, through some pad umbilical, or something? If not, this is indeed a big facepalm. Best regards,
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Screenshots from my Apollo 8 RTS; I will start with the non lunar day photos; because on the lunar day, there are a lot of photos :P Transposition demo, S-IVB photo 1 Transposition demo, S-IVB photo 2 Transposition demo, S-IVB photo 3 Transposition demo, S-IVB photo 4 Blue Marbel...
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 8] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Attaching quicksaves for the Real Time Simulation run. Names are processed as best as I could. Also on the zip are the raw quicksaves. I hope they are useful!
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    [NASSP 8][Apollo 8] Realtime simulation Debriefing

    Flight day 7: Flight day 7 started with a awake crew at 144:00:00, and consisted in the following activities: MCC-7 Entry preparations Lunar entry Post splashdown & crew egress Change from FD-6 to FD-7: PAD for MCC-7 was obtained at 143:18:30 and was as follows: A preliminary Lunar entry PAD...