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    Orbiter 2016 a better bet for simpit?

    The Orb::Connect add-on plus add-ons by Kamaz and others made it eminently doable to drive LEDs and inputs from switches. The XR- vessels have an interface that allows for really detailed vessel control. Master/Slave should enable you to drive external views, although I never personally got...
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    DIY Mission Control Desk

    Where was he when I was growing up? :thumbup:
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    Question vMC2 or Orb:connect Question

    Yes, Orb:Connect is stalled but not forgotten (and vMC never really worked with it). My wife passed away this time last year, and I haven't been dedicating much time to 'hobbies' since then. The O:C v2.0 is updated for Orbiter2010, albeit with an earlier API, and I will try to get back into the...
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    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    Looks like there's room for 1-3-1 or even 2-2-2 seating. Have to maximize that revenue. :thumbup: Looking awesome!
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    OHM Whitestar

    Indeed. I really liked that universe, and the Whitestars in particular.
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    DGIV Simpit

    Cool! Good Work!
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    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    Definitely needs some overhead windows with a dorsal docking port.
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    MFD SystemsMFD

    Agree. It would really take a common effort from the vessel developers. I've suggested using dbeachy's XRVesselCtrl as a baseline before, and others have suggested using the generic messaging framework, but nothing has come of that so far.
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    Cockpit panels made of touchscreens

    If you ignore performance, rotation, aspect ratio and scaling issues, :) probably not terribly realistic but pretty flexible. That's one problem with physical flight decks for Orbiter is the wide range of craft and panel layouts available to us - and where dynamic panels would really shine...
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    C++ Question OrbConnect not returning status

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. RL if pummeling me at the moment. I'll update the documentation to make sure that's called out. Sorry for the head scratcher, but thanks for trying O:C.
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    Error Strange WTF problem with Orb:Connect 2.1 @ KSC

    Real Life is in my way right now, but I'll try and take a look when I can. Is there anything in the orbiter log? Does the client get a response before the CTD? It only happens with the updated (for P10) DG-IV only? And KSC rwy 33? Very strainge.
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    Orbiterwiki maintenance

    What type of XR-series info are you wanting? I'll try to take a look at the Flight Deck section again; I'm sure I can find a couple new pearls of wisdom to add :) Would folks be interested in some how-tos/examples of specific hardware installations? I know bhawthorne promised us a nice...
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    OHM Orb:Connect v2.1 Project files

    You're quite welcome. I'm glad it's of use to others. Doesn't sound like it :facepalm: I'll check it when I get home.
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    Project Orbiter Master/Slave renderer

    Cool. How much latency do you see with the slave? Can the slave instance be run on a different machine?
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    Request Support for mutliple views in OVP

    It is definitely a feature we flight deck builders will use. I was not aware it was available, but now that I am, re-prioritization and saving for additional monitor will begin.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    As flyer mentioned, that's STS specific, and doesn't mention where the lights are located. According to Wikipedia: , but the image shows it to the right. I like configurable. :cheers:
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    WRT having to tap on the actual button text. . . Yes, that is the problem I am having with selecting the buttons; I'll need to 'tap twice' I see that netdialog doesn't display the options normally shown in the dialog box (e.g. list of targets from Orbit MFD), just the title, presumably because...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Sure. . . Switches and indicators for all hatches, doors, gear, APU, etc. (all 15 or so) Controlling CoG Indicating and controlling XR-specific autopilots Display and reset of Master Warning System Fuel system readouts Engine trim/modes RCS mode (for XR5 docking) Secondary HUD mode Info and...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Oops. Forgot that piece. :facepalm:
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Just tried ORC and ran into a couple issues. First is that the VNC windows don't scale as expected. here's an image of ORC and normal VNC clients along with the second issue - the dialog client won't connect. Dragging frame larger doesn't help, and I've opened that port on my internal firewall...