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  1. Scav

    Pericynthion, Pts. 1 and 2.

    Hi folks, Many may remember the series of blogs in prose form I did years ago regarding the Space Exploration Program, the Shuttle Derived Orbiters Constitution and Enterprise and the ever-so-stuck-in-my-head characters like Jamie Cunningham, Brian Adkinson, Svetlana Zaytseva, Anthony Downs and...
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    RIP Jerry Doyle / CWO Michael Alfredo Garibaldi Goodbye, old friend. :salute:
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    SEP: 4-year postmortem.

    Hi folks. It's been four years since some amazing things happened in my life. Four years since characters such as Brian Adkinson, Greg Williams, Jamie Cunningham, Svetlana Zaytseva (and even that marshmallow Anthony Downs who essentially Garned his way to the moon and back on SEP-010). Four...
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    SEP-013 Prologue, Pt. 1

    It took forever and a lot of negotiation . . . but finally the writer's strike has been lifted. I happily give you all: SEP-013 Prologue, Pt. 1 T78, Liberty City Municipal Airport Liberty City, Texas. Saturday, 24 June 2023 "Hiya Jim," Jamie Cunningham chirped with a wave as she got out of...
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    Getting my feet wet . . . again.

    Today was a good day -- after years of wrangling back and forth I finally found the wherewithal and time to go ahead and take my first .7 hrs of flight instruction. First impressions: :woohoo: Once I stopped convincing myself (and trying to prove to myself) I knew what I was doing, I was able...
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    SEP: Interlude Pt. 5

    July 25, 2022. GENERAL RELEASE RELEASE: 22-164 SEP-011 -- THE RETURN TO FLIGHT The Space Exploration Program will return to flight when the Shuttle-Derived Orbiter Constitution departs on its eleventh flight now scheduled for no earlier than late August, 2022. SEP-011 will have as its...
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    SEP: Interlude Pt. 4

    And once more without further ado: SEP: Interlude Pt. 4 League City, Texas. Monday, 25 July 2022. The sharp report of a knock at her apartment door woke Jamie Cunningham up. She rolled over, opening her eyes briefly . . . long enough to check the time. "Eleven fifteen," She said sourly to...
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    SEP: Interlude Pt. 3

    One more. :) SEP Interlude Pt. 3 Banning, Calif. "Here you are." "Yes . . . here we are," Jamie Cunningham said as Brian Adkinson set her travel bag onto the bed. She looked around the hotel room she had rented for the night. Her mind ran over the events of the evening...
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    SEP: Interlude Pt. 2

    SEP: Interlude Pt. 2 Banning Municipal Airport "I'm glad to see you've finally warmed up to this." "I haven't warmed up to jack," Jamie Cunningham said tartly as she turned her head to her left to cast a disparaging glance at her friend, mentor and Mission Commander Brian...
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    SEP: Interlude

    It's been way too long since I've afforded any attention here . . . but it does go to show that I should probably write more. :) I give you all: SEP: Interlude Eastbound, Pomona Freeway. Hacienda Heights, Greater Los Angeles, Calif. The cellphone rang again. Jamie Cunningham reached with...
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    News 1 child dead, 1 missing in St. Paul, MN landslide No good. :( I grew up near their hometown.
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    A rant.

    Recently, I did something unusual. During a routine shopping trip, I came away with a new PC game. It's been years since I delved into the PC gaming market, and I felt it was time to do something for myself for a change. That was the high point. Installation process was as defined: * Click...
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    Question WLAN issues and checklist.

    Hi guys, I should already know this. I really should. I went to school for exactly this sort of felgercarb. The problem is (and there's no guarantee this laundry list is set up in any particular logical order): * Canon MG2500 is setup with a static IP on the wifi network. Is talking...
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    Excerpt from 'Returning to Pericynthion.'

    It's been a while since I did this . . . so here is an excerpt from: Returning to Pericynthion. Prologue. ValleyFair Amusement Park, Shakopee, Minnesota. Thursday, 23 July 2020. Anthony Downs looked over his shoulder, and grinned at the people behind him. Jamie Cunningham and Svetlana...
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    News 'Finding Pericynthion' launched: THANK YOU! :)

    I thought today being Tuesday, also coinciding with Microsoft's release of Windows 1.0 back in 1985 (although not quite as auspicious an occasion as I originally thought), would be a good time to announce my book launch. 'Finding Pericynthion' -- Formally fleshed out, prettied up, and part of...
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    Just wanted to let you all know: I did my formal commencement ceremony tonight; I'm officially a graduate. :woohoo: Thanks everybody for helping out in your own way in the last two years. It was hell at times, but it was so worth it! :tiphat:
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    SEP-010, Epilogue, Part 2.

    Alrighty then: SEP-010, Epilogue, Part 2. Friday, 26 June 2020. Saturn-V Display, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. Jamie Cunningham stared at the S-1C stage of the massive, three hundred-feet rocket sheltered inside of the building she was standing in. The nozzles of the five F-1...
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    Orionid Meteor Showers, Oct 2012.

    A head's-up: Don't get clunked on the head! :cheers:
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    SEP-010, Epilogue, Part 1.

    Moving right along . . . SEP-010, Epilogue, Part 1. Friday, 19 June 2020. League City, Texas. Jamie Cunningham closed the door to her apartment and locked it. Sighing as she turned to walk the short distance to her car through the stifling heat and humidity of the Texas air, she got in and...
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    SEP-010, Chapter 20.

    An edit . . . because I wasn't ultimately happy with what I posted earlier. This should be an improvement even with my own standards of writing! :P I give you once again: SEP-010, Chapter 20. Constitution, Flight Deck. Sienna Morrison made an odd noise. Both Jamie Cunningham and Greg...