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    A11 and the first P52 - maneuvers?

    Exactly what I have always done...except for the first time when I tried historical stars, to my surprise I couldn't actually sight on them without manuvering with the SIVB ... As Indy points out, this looks to be a VERY tight timing issue. The P52 is earlier then timelined in reality and...
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    A11 and the first P52 - maneuvers?

    The first P52 for A11 around GET 00:50:00, to date I've only done this with whatever stars I could find....however I noticed that historically was done with stars 30 and 37. Curiously I've repeatedly found that I cannot sight these stars without using the SIVB to manuver to sight these stars...
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    Apollo Operations Handbook Vol 2

    To close this out. The AOH v2 was scanned due to the efforts of Fabrizo Bernadini (haven't heard from Fabrizo for a while, hope he is well). He provided the scanned images to me and I collated them into the two PDFs that were hosted on As this is a scan of a federally produced...
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    Latest builds on Beta - No S-V launch texture issues

    Ah yes, symlinks, good to know that will work. Thanks. Would still like to understand the dependency though. Are they actually required or is it simply to look better. I think perhaps the elevations correct terrain eleveations and such could be needed for moon landings?
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    Latest builds on Beta - No S-V launch texture issues

    Apologies and thanks for the confirmation. Yes it is seeing the handle there that threw me. When did the hatch start being open? I've never seen it open (or actually opened it before prelaunch :D Ahh silly me on the UTC thing. of course. What was concerning me was that the textures in the...
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    Latest builds on Beta - No S-V launch texture issues are correct. I've transposed the texture issue and the lack of launch issue. So scenarios in \Scenarios\Project Apollo - NASSP are for V8.0, these are the ones that seem to have texture problems with the hatch. I will attach screenshots. I have also noticed that...
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    Latest builds on Beta - No S-V launch texture issues

    Ah yes, poor of me, apologies. Revision 87 from SVN I believe.
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    Latest builds on Beta - No S-V launch texture issues

    Hi folks, After having been on 2010 for a long long long time, I've now taken the plunge into NASSP Beta 8.0. Having not run the Orbiter Betas previously I may have done something wrong but have repeated the installation process twice with identical results. Issue #1 No S-V launch...
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    Question Have you ever been on an airplane?

    B737, various sorts, old and new. A320 A330 ERJ-145 (Cracking little jet). DCH-8 great little prop. Piper Tomahawk Bae Bulldog G103A Twin II Sailplane/Glider (you have not lived until you have glided!) Can't think of any others.
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    Whadya mean I'm on fire! I shouldn't burn up yet!

    yo-yo ride...cue my one of my spaceflight words! phugoid! Great blog entry, very amusing :)
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    Hi All!

    Hi All! Been using Orbiter since 2001 more or less. Haven't looked up from 2006 (involved and using NASSP mostly) since it came out really. Wondered if there was a never version and found, new forums, new versions, new Delta Gliders...wooh! Great stuff!