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  1. amalahama

    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Your life would have definitively been easier and more successful with drugs. Keep up the good work, regards
  2. amalahama

    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Out of curiosity @GLS , how do you come to know so much about the shuttle? Pure hobby or did you have previous contact with the program? Do you work in a space-related job? Best regards
  3. amalahama

    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Absolutely!! There is no many coders out there able to (or eager to) deal with the complexity of Space Shuttle systems, you would add way more value as coder than as modeller (whose 3D models I already consider ok-ish). No further comments with regards to your three main focus areas. On the...
  4. amalahama

    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Hi, When the time to update the cockpit arrives, I would recommend to contact Christ Kuhn . He modeled a fantastic 3D model of the Space Shuttle flight deck and allowed Flightgear guys to use his model under GPL, although without textures. Lot of work to clean and adapt to Orbiter will still...
  5. amalahama

    General Question Looking for space orbiter game from 90s

    My bet: Microsoft space simulator?
  6. amalahama

    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0) [DEVELOPMENT HALTED DUE TIME REQUIREMENTS!]

    Call me crazy but I find the classic SST avionics kind of appealing
  7. amalahama

    SSU installation instructions

    Hi, is there still a long way until 5.0 release? I was thinking on trying to build a nightly myself but if we are close I prefer to avoid the PITA.
  8. amalahama

    SSU Questions thread

    Hi! Is it possible to export CRTs to another monitor? Is it possible to use physical keyboard to input data into the IDP, instead of the clickable keyboard in the VC? Thanks!
  9. amalahama

    Criticism of Space Shuttle Ultra

    Actually my main complain it's related with the very nature of the free development - you find truly pieces of code art where the developers put all their dedication, but then you also came across with lots of unattended features, still required for a "playable" addon :facepalm: . It's natural...
  10. amalahama

    Criticism of Space Shuttle Ultra

    A quick thought: Had SSU development been quicker, smoother and more effective if it would have started as a commercial product instead of open-source? Had it attracted more development resources in that case? Sometimes I think you try to achieve so many things but the spare time you have to...
  11. amalahama

    Idea JSBsim as atmospheric physics engine?

    Hi! I know this topic is recurrent and now and then it comes and goes, but after testing the combo Orbiter 2016 + Hi res textures + D3D9 Engine, I'm impressed about how efficiently Orbiter can handle high altitude flights while maintaining an high degree of 'prettiness'. It's just the right sim...
  12. amalahama

    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0) [DEVELOPMENT HALTED DUE TIME REQUIREMENTS!]

    Hi! Yesterday I tried with a complete re-entry using EDW Entry scenario, Orbiter 2016 R4 and Nightly OrbiterBeta SSU compiled with VS2010, and the Shuttle followed a strange behaviour. I left the autopilot to control the shuttle. She didn't do S-turns, instead she leaned to one side and stay...
  13. amalahama

    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0) [DEVELOPMENT HALTED DUE TIME REQUIREMENTS!]

    :facepalm: Thank you, it was long since my last time in Orbiter, and I'm rusty. Just another one: Do you keep track of the features already implemented, those beeing actively developed, and those missing? This list: seems to be largely overdue...
  14. amalahama

    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0) [DEVELOPMENT HALTED DUE TIME REQUIREMENTS!]

    Hi! I feel a bit anxious replying in a pure development post, but because it's an issue related with Orbiter 2016 and the new display system here I go: PFD is refresing at same rate as DPS (0.5 Hz) which makes its use very difficult and it's unrealistic according to videos from the STS. I don't...
  15. amalahama

    News The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub

    Wow this is very sound! Does anybody know if NASA has plans to upload and make available Space Shuttle PASS software? It would be a revolution for SSU (if somebody find out how to program an AP-101 emulator first!) Regards!
  16. amalahama

    No one injured! : WWII Bomb was brought to explosion in Munich

    Hahaha, that's funny! I've just come across this post. I felt this in first person! I live just 50 meters away from where bomb was found. We all were evacuated quickly, but I didn't expect it was going to take sooooo long. So I just took a coat and my wallet and I waited and waited, until the...
  17. amalahama

    SSU public release comments/bug reports

    Hi! I've finally been able to compile last source code more or less sucessfully and now I'm ready to help you out with all the debugging and bug hunting. Just a pair of questions: * I get lots and lots of CTDs, specially on those sceneries in atmospheric flight or launch (normally orbiting...
  18. amalahama

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    Please excuse the interference but... Have you guys seen this? Regards!!
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    News French plane lost over Atlantic

    Yes you are right but pilot and co-pilot sticks are not connected directly to hydraulic actuators, only FCC are direct control of them. In case of a catastrophic electrical failure, with engines out and batteries dead or damaged, RAT can provide essential electrical energy (using hydraulics...
  20. amalahama

    News French plane lost over Atlantic

    All Airbus aircraft have a mechanical backup, not complete though, only elevator trim and rudder pedals I think. A330 has three independents electrical systems, with emergence RAT. It's highly improbable that a simple electrical failure has pulled down this aircraft. Regards!!