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    XR2 Female Suit, Plugsuit skin 2020-04-18

    XR2 Female pilot suit in style of Asuka Langley's Plugsuit from Eva  Will overwrite default textures
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    Colony Drop 2020-04-18

    Dropping a space colony on Australia like in Gundam a bit buggy, but this is just for fun  requires
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    Deltaglider Shogoki 2020-03-29

    Get in the f*king Deltaglider! with the Deltaglider Shogoki  repaint, A deltaglider XR1 in the colours of a well known mecha Not included: Octagonal force barrier,orange flavoured primordial soup,depressed 14 year old boy. I'm surprised none made any Eva skins for any ships yet, I mean we got...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Custom XR2 and XR1 skins that are (not) based on a popular 90's mecha anime
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    Any Canadians here...?

    I'm from ontario. I could answer some questions, I have been all around the country.
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    Hi guys I'm Kunsada

    Hi I'm kunsada. I like orbiter and ksp Space is cool
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    Question How to change crew models in XR2

    Is it possible to switch the positions of the crew in the XR2 ravenstar in orbiter 2016 i.e. female on left male on right. If so How would I do this?