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    Welcome! It's a lot of fun to reach milestones like docking with the ISS for the first time :)
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    I am back... by accident

    Is it bad that I mentally added "Mr. Anderson" to your post as I read it? :p
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    Gaming Any IL-2 Sturmovik fans?

    I haven't played IL-2, but I've been hearing about it here and elsewhere. I decided to pick up a copy and try it out. Only problem is ... which one do I buy? I don't want to install Steam, so I went looking on Amazon and found a very confusing array of IL-2 variants/expansions. I'd hate to...
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    Scenario DeltaGlider-IV and Earth textures off position

    Thanks, guys! How are the coordinates determined? I saw another runway a bit further south at the Cape that I'd like to try out, but it seems a bit time-consuming to try to tweak the starting coordinates bit by bit until I stumble across the right ones.
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    Scenario DeltaGlider-IV and Earth textures off position

    @MaverickSawyer: I mean west of the runway, at rest, on the ground. How do you make the coordinates line up correctly? Would I have to edit every .scn file under Scenarios/DeltaGliderIV/ (if so, oi)? Looking under DeltaGliderIV/Earth Scenery/Landed KCS departure to ISS.scn, I see a block...
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    Scenario DeltaGlider-IV and Earth textures off position

    I downloaded the DG-IV and tried playing some of the scenarios. My problem is that the DG-IV starts out about a hundred feet off the runway. Could anyone give me some pointers on how to fix that?
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    Science Changes to the world's time scale debated.

    Can you prove this? TBH, it sounds more like something you've made up rather than something intrinsic to the human body.
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    Science Changes to the world's time scale debated.

    This should illustrate the problem with your logic. That's not to say that switching wholesale to a new time system would be a realistic notion; most humans are very strongly trained in the second-minute-hour day-month-year time system. I'd give a new time system about a 50% chance of catching...
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    Flight Question Aero-braking at Jupiter

    Meh. You're only doing manned flights to Jupiter with magic spacecraft anyway, so what's the harm in assuming better radiation shielding systems along with an impossibly efficient rocket engine?
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    Making first .dll ship... wait, is this legal?

    It's legal so long as you don't launch from the airbace! :p
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    Launch News ViaSat-1 atop Proton-M/Briz-M on October 19/20, 2011

    What's the deal with the canvas-wrapping of the payload fairing?
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    Greetings, Earthlings!

    Welcome, and congrats on your official entrance to the forums :)
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    Hi, I'm new to Orbiter

    Welcome! Orbiter is a lot of fun, and I think you'll find that these forums are pretty friendly :)
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    General Question What file generates KSC bases

    Just how are you supposed to take off with a DG from those Canaveral pads? I noticed a scenario that started out that way and couldn't figure out what the point was...
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    General Question Joystick Models

    Hi everyone, In another thread, I saw that someone suggested getting a joystick to play Orbiter. Doing a quick search online, I see quite a few models on sale in the $20-$50 range. My issue is, I'm not really sure how to compare them. Are there any particular models that work especially well...
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    I got: 3 km/s * 60 s/min 180 km/min * 60 min/hr 10800 km/hr * 24 hr/day 259200 km/day * 100 days 25920000 km traveled in 100 days 25920000/300000 km/s (relatively inaccurate speed of light according to the problem text) = 86.4 seconds travel time. Now, the probe still travels while the signal...
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    I'm still running stuff that was published in 1998. It was the "intended purpose" of Program Files changing from version to version that breaks them, not their failure to "follow conventions" -- unless you have a time machine for the developers, that is :P
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    Did you calculate the radio signal's travel time in the second problem?