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  1. kuddel

    D3D9 will not operate ...

    You could try icacls and look if D3D9Client.dll is any different from the other modules. Run this (path to plugins is an example here) icacls .\Orbiter\Modules\Plugin\*.dll ...and look whether D3D9Client.dll ACLs differ from the others.
  2. kuddel

    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Nice work implementing the sounds! Getting them "right" from schematics or technical documentation however is tricky: Even if the generated wave is perfect square/sinosodial/triangle, doesn't mean it would sound like that after it gets out of the "speakers". Be it old telephone-earpeace, a...
  3. kuddel

    What music are you listening to?

    no comment 🤘 - other than I still like it :D ABBA, Bowie, Beatles aaand Helloween of course
  4. kuddel

    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Quality over quantity! That's nothing to apologize for (y)
  5. kuddel

    Problem Stock Atlantis Can't Launch in Orbiter 2016

    Have you tried using "fixed time steps"? (To be found under LaunchPad -> Extra ->Debugging options -> Fixed time steps) - just an idea, though -
  6. kuddel

    Lunar occultation of Jupiter 2023-05-17

    For those who might be interested: here : or here: or even her:
  7. kuddel

    SDK Question Setting Up Visual Studio - Newbie building errors with sample projects

    On a (very short and) quick look, it might be that you forgot to set the "Library Directories" to point to \OrbiterSdk\lib. The errors are from the LINKER (an error linke LNK2019 points to that). From the "Setting up the Orbiter 2016 SDK in Visual Studio 2019" page:
  8. kuddel

    New Release Crew Dragon 2022

    I once had a similar issue. The most recent driver did make things worse....I installed "version -1", "version-2", etc. pp. until it worked again. I immediately saved and noted down that version for the next time I might ran into that. After a couple of weeks yet another new version came out and...
  9. kuddel

    Request Artemis landers

    Regarding the missing reflection of the ship: Did you turn on "Full Scene" in D3D9Clients Reflections and Custom camera settings?
  10. kuddel

    Updates Google Lunar X-Prize Updates

    Source: I don't know why the HAKUTO-R Mission doesn't have it's own thread, but here seems to fit ;)
  11. kuddel

    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Just for information:
  12. kuddel

    What music are you listening to?

    Space Odyssey?, Solaris?, Empire of the Sun? ....I'm gettin' confused :D (y)
  13. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Oh! I forgot that you need to install the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)., too - maybe after Step 2: Here they are found: But you've probabbly done that already, right?
  14. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Usually these steps make it: 1. Extarct Orbiter2016 zip (you've done that) 2. Install 2010 redistributables (can also be found in folder Install. Install\vcredist_x86.exe to be precise) 3. Start Orbiter_ng.exe 4. Enable D3D9Client in Modules Tab 5. Configure settings in Video Tab (mainly the 3D...
  15. kuddel

    Project VesselBuilder for Orbiter

    (y) Nice! What I didn't knew was, that Tintin wore Nike shoes (err.. boots!) back then :D
  16. kuddel

    Problem Orbiter crash

    The logs you've posted are strange... Could you tell your AntiVrus Software to ignore the C:\Orbiter2016\ path? The one log where everything "is doubled", seems like another glitch, that might be caused by something completely diferent ;) Just in case: Have you tried reebooting your system...
  17. kuddel

    The bugs need checking and reporting (OpenOrbiter)

    If it is "just" the issue of Ephemeris modules compiled as 32-bit, the question is: Is there any reason for that? Or is the conversion just not yet completed? EDIT: The issue here has all the info already (y) We "just" need some more sources :D
  18. kuddel

    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    Hey Misha, it is not something you have to do, it's just something I usually do as my experience taught me that many times "the issue" was just an error on my side :) The D3D9Client development thread might also be a good place to query whether an issue is known, new or something else. Don't be...
  19. kuddel

    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    If it's a bug or a feature-request, yes ;) I usually first ask in some thread if anyone can confirm the issue before opening an issue on github - as often it's just a misconfiguration or lack of understanding :rolleyes:
  20. kuddel

    Gaming Kerbal Space Program 2 (currently in Early Access)

    42$ test 42 $ test $42 test long as you keep one dollar at at a line it's fine ;) Else it's "strange", yes: 42test, 42 test, $42 test