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    BBC: Are we changing planet Earth?

    Wow, thanks for the link Greg. This indeed was an excellent data visualisation! (Also using logarithmic scale is somewhat cheaty ;) )
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    Is Sarah Palin able to be president

    As little as I can tell about a politician in a far away country - Palin is quite fond of hunting ;) (And to avoid misunderstoodment - for obvious reasons I just don't care if she's able to be a president of USA) EDIT: Damn, something happened to my eyes - Jarvita already mentioned the same thing
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    DGIV Re-entry Tutorial

    Thanks for posting! It always really annoyed me how DGIV autopilot manages to have more rcs fuel flow than it's possible in manual mode. Now, finally I can beat cheaty autopilot with this fine trick :)
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    Video Game Project

    I'm not sure what this has to do with realistic physics, but may be I'm missing there something (i'm not sure what this project is sup[posed to be or what gameplay it aims to have) But anyway - it's 'under development'. It's unclear if it will be ever done, what it will become and how...
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    Have You Loved Space All Your Life........

    actually no :) became interested in space only because of orbiter.
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    Video Game Project

    Mmog with realistical physics as part of gameplay? nah, won't work, where would one find enough interested players in that to make it "massive"? About using orbiter engine - it is of no importance for a game. The amount of work to realize this project is just huge, orbiter engine looks tiny...
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    Very interesting/cool Project Orion video

    I agree with Ghostrider - road transport is popular and there is little alternative for it. Not so with nuclear blast propulsed crafts :) Oh yes, consious decisions - it's passengers fault when they die in car wreck. They should've known better than entering that bus. :)
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    What you want to see in the Next release of Orbiter

    what's wrong with integrating sound and collision engines in base package?
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    OHM Soyuz TMA, Progress M & Atlantis docked at the ISS

    Why? What for? Scenarios are cool! Good scenario can be lots of fun to play with. It also requieres some effort to create. (Lots of efort if scenario is complex) I don't see any reason why they are any less addons. Besides - scenarios generate fewer feedback so while they are not as hard to...
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    Atlantis Cockpit controls missing!

    In defalt atlantis only switches of one panel work - that which deals with bay doors opening. Everything else is pure cosmetics. It is also impossible to simulate reentries with default atlatis using realistic data, but it is still nice for quick launches :) Thats if I understand what you mean...
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    Thanks for the answers. So you think this is more reliable than astronautix article? And I'm really unfamiliar with rockets - can you, please, explain what's is the role of those 'fins' - how they work and why they llok the way they look. Also - since this system was discussed on m6 already...
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    Cool multipurpose launch system, closed for 'political reasons'. That would be a great add-on. It's so cool that If I had more time at hand I'd posted it in addon development section instead ;) There is plenty of information on astronautix, but it looks like...
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    Entering a specific orbital plane

    asin(cos(inclination)/cos(latitude)) - launch heading for spherical nonrotating bodies without atmosphere :P Still a good first approximation. More info at orbiterwiki But for DG or any other ship with lots of dv reserve I often use Map MFD+AlignMFD just like RisingFury said. Tried to use...
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    Your favorite old games!

    There are lots of crappy old games with awfull storylines :)
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    Your favorite old games!

    My favorites: Doom II, Carmageddon, Rainbow Six, Civilization, Sam and Max hit the road I will :) For me it was even worse than previous sequel.
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    How do I keep from running out of APU fuel?

    Does turrning APUs off help?
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    MYSS construction

    Oh no, you destroyed dragonfly! How could you! You, sensless spacejockey, you! :) :) Interesting choice of launchers, btw
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    Satellite Simulation

    Satellite operations can be fun :) I mean - it's remote control, remote control is fun!
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    Unspeakable things you see in multinationals...

    what is "multinational"?
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    Trapped in a triangle

    Well since it's not *just* about post... There is definetly no way I could help you with anything thats not about 'posts'. All I can do is hope, that you manage to fix your problems in life. Good luck there :) As for 'posts' part - just as I said - just not to take it too personal. Most of the...