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  1. Rtyh-12

    "Efesto" mission to Venus

    Could you share the program, or, at least, the algorithms used?
  2. Rtyh-12

    MMORPG - Preferred game mechanics

    Since this thread has been resurrected from the depths of the thread grave anyway, I figured I might as well post my own idea on this matter. The best way to implement multiplayer in Orbiter would IMHO be similar to Real Time Update. If you don't know what that is, or fail to see how it would...
  3. Rtyh-12

    If you could have one fictional ship from orbiter, what would you have?

    Well, I'd still choose the XR2, because for me it feels a bit like cheating to choose a completely unrealistic spacecraft like the TARDIS, or even a stock Deltaglider, for that matter. Not that the XR2 is realistic, of course, but it is more realistic than both, and I think that it is acceptable...
  4. Rtyh-12

    Fastest ship real and sci-fi

    I cringed at "Andromeda Galaxy - Closest galaxy".
  5. Rtyh-12

    Could Comet C/2013 A1 impact Mars in 2014?

    Supposing it did hit, would the flash of light be visible from Earth? If so, for how long would it be noticeable?
  6. Rtyh-12

    Request Star Trek style warp

    If you're not interested in realistic space flight or add-ons, there's always Space Engine: The graphics are far better than Orbiter's, if that's your thing--though it also requires a more powerful computer to run.
  7. Rtyh-12

    Programming Question Hello World!

    I don't know whether couting strings directly is any slower than creating strings and then couting those (I highly doubt it is) but the performance difference is very minor at best. As for the waiting code I gave you, well, you don't really need to understand how it works... I'm not a fan of...
  8. Rtyh-12

    Programming Question Hello World!

    As another beginner programmer, I would like to give you a few pointers (heh...) in case they are helpful. First, the way you're pausing the execution of the program creates a new, useless string; here's a better way (in my opinion, at least): cin.sync(); cin.get(); Just put it wherever you...
  9. Rtyh-12

    Iron Hill Project Thread

    Still in, yes. My PC has had some problems, now they're fixed and I'm ready to go.
  10. Rtyh-12

    Iron Hill Project Thread

    I vote for refitting Odyssey into an Arrow Mk II, or [3] letting it become the first manmade object to Sirius if that's not possible (though I think a free return flight would work in this case).
  11. Rtyh-12

    Flight Question need help with RCS thrusters

    The Numpad 9 key is the default backwards translation key.
  12. Rtyh-12

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    Actually, it was a fluffy wambler. Still, doesn't make it any less overpowered hilarious. He (or she, in-game) did exist. In fact, he was the leader of the only squad we had at the time. He was eventually killed through unknown means during Izack's second year (had to check the thread).
  13. Rtyh-12

    General Question faster time acceleration

    Orbiter already supports time warp of up to 100000x. If that's still too slow, use the scenario editor's 'date' functionality and change the date to somewhere in the future. Keep in mind that this isn't as accurate as time warp. Also, in the D3D9 client's video tab, there should be an option...
  14. Rtyh-12

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Could I please get whitelisted? My Minecraft nick is Rtyh_12. Thanks!
  15. Rtyh-12

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    I'm finally finished! Again, my apologies for taking so long. If we ever do another succession fort, it won't happen again, promise :) Here's the save, using the default ASCII graphics pack. How should I post the log? Just a .txt file? Here it is, for now: YEAR 129 Spring 1st of Granite By...
  16. Rtyh-12

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    Yes, she was stricken by melancholy during the time when everyone threw tantrums. That was around 6 (ingame) months ago, and since then she hasn't killed anyone. Melancholic dwarves don't drink or feed, and I'd like to see whether that extends to vamipire feeding as well. I've never had a...
  17. Rtyh-12

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    Unexpectedly (and fortunately) I have managed to play for more than a few minutes. I'm in winter right now, and I'll most likely finish tomorrow. Things are going quite well. There's one melancholic dwarf (a vampire. It's a quite interesting situation. She's been insane for many months now, yet...
  18. Rtyh-12

    Favorite Ligature

    æ for me too. Only lowercase though, the uppercase version is ugly. I hate fi (the version which merges the i's dot with the f's top "bulb") for some reason. It always bugged me, I don't know why.
  19. Rtyh-12

    Flight Question Take off issue with the XR2

    I did some tests about this, and I found that you are at least partly correct. What I did was simply to set the airspeed autopilot to 100m/s, and gradually accelerated from there in 1m/s increments. I found that the XR2 cannot takeoff at 100m/s using aerodynamic control surfaces alone (it can...
  20. Rtyh-12

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    If you could take over instead, I'd prefer that. Otherwise, I suppose I'll try to finish the year...