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    Flying the Kirkwood Gaps.

    Another thing you could do is fly the gaps in Saturn's rings - there are similar areas swept clean by resonances. You'd have much smaller timescales (a few minutes with time acceleration) but depending which resonance you fly the forces might be considerably different.
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hi, I'm Brain&Force, a chem major and orbinaut since 2010 (albeit with many gaps) and I'm starting to get into advanced territory. Hopefully I'll start with addon development and 3D modeling sometime soon.
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    OHM Eris Explorer

    I'd like to note that the principal moments of inertia for the Eris Explorer are way, way off. They should be around 100 times less (they came out as (1.6,1.6,1.15) and that's what I've been using in my modded config file). That's what's been eating up the rotation thrusters' fuel on the missions.