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  1. EJ316

    Question What are you reading?

    Currently reading Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. Enjoying it so far.
  2. EJ316

    News Electric Guitar inventor dies.

    RIP Les Paul :( Was very saddened to hear of his passing. I play a Les Paul myself and they are beautiful guitars.
  3. EJ316

    Ulysses mission coming to a natural end

    I wish I was generation C64! Stupid Playstations :(
  4. EJ316

    News Pilot reports sighting rocket at 13000ft

    Probably a bottle rocket. Good old Fox :)
  5. EJ316

    DG-IV Reentry Video Tutorial

    This was very helpful :) Just did my first successful re-entry and landing at Wideawake, very fun! Was a bit off with the Rinc so I circled and came back but that was fine. Anyway, good job.
  6. EJ316

    Gaming Team Fortress 2 free for the weekend.

    UTIII is free too isn't it? That's much better :P
  7. EJ316

    Orbiter Forum Space Station

    I can join in, DG IV for me.
  8. EJ316

    News A friend died in a car accident

    Nothing like a bit of stereotypical generalisation eh?
  9. EJ316

    Hey Hey

    Welcome :cheers:
  10. EJ316

    Poll Eye Colour

    Interesting that on here it's almost twice as common as others.
  11. EJ316

    Poll Eye Colour

    Is there anything that makes blue more favourable? Or is there just a high correlation between Orbiter users and blue eyed people.
  12. EJ316

    Basic switch board

    Thanks for all that info Steve, I've been browsing it and it's very helpful. Right, I'm probably going to buy an MDF panel that is 60cm X 30cm. I'll need wire right? Is there any particular type that is best suited for this? Cheers
  13. EJ316

    Video Tutorial: DG4 to ISS

    Just watched the tutorial and it's awesome! As most people have been saying, it would have been great to have this when I was just starting out, but I still learned a lot from it :D I think it would be great if you made a return trip tutorial too, personally it took me much longer to learn...
  14. EJ316

    Poll Eye Colour

    Hurrah for blue!
  15. EJ316

    Humor Ambush catches soldier with pants down, wearing pink undies

    Haha this is pretty cool, lucky he doesn't sleep with nothing on, or the front page would have looked very different ^^
  16. EJ316

    Basic switch board

    Yeah I was looking at how to do this, but then I thought it would be better to learn how to wire up the switches and stuff otherwise I'll be surrounded by deconstructed keyboards :) Right I'll research all of this stuff when I get home from work. Just quickly, are momentary type switches the...
  17. EJ316

    Mustard's website down?

    :( I hope we're not next.
  18. EJ316

    Biggest Scale Model Rocket Ever Built!

    That was awesome! Expensive hobby though :/
  19. EJ316

    Basic switch board

    I am not familiar with it whatsoever, but everyone has to start somewhere right? ;) I have a few friends who will have some knowledge, but possibly not when it comes to connecting it all to a pc. I will start reading up, any good books you would suggest?
  20. EJ316

    Astronaut takes moon rocks to the top of Everest

    That's impressive. It's just one of those things that is symbolic, but I can't really explain why :(