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    OHM Update 1.4 SFT - Space Freight Transporter

    Hello. Is it possible to launch (and not when it's on orbit) the module "SDSFT4" with already on board all of 12 UCGO cargos? If yes, can you tell me how? Thank you sir!:)
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    Question Docking with no Lin RCS: is it possible?

    Yep, I know..but I don't want to use a "trick".;) It's a good idea..but that tug seems a bit huge. I'm using a JS2 (Jarvis) rocket to push another rocket stage for docking.
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    Question Docking with no Lin RCS: is it possible?

    Hi all! My problem is this. I'm trying to dock my vessel ('s not a vessel but a rocket who is part of a multistage) but there is not a Linear RCS on it (and this is a normal stuff). I used many docking programs/mfds (LOLA, Pursuit, Attitude, RPOP, RV_Orientation, Soyuz Guidance...
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    OHM Malerba inflatable module 2.0

    Ciao ndudi. Il tuo addon è bellissimo (anche se non ho capito dove sono i posti per dormire e il bagno...:rofl:)...però la cosa che mi stà stressando è il fatto che non riesco ad aprire le porte di docking. Dopo l'avvio dei sistemi ed il gonfiaggio (aspetto anche oltre 2 ore...) clicco su...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hi all! Mi name is Michele and I'm a new forum user from Italy. I thank you in advance if I need your help with Orbiter troubles.:thumbup:
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    Problem Missing tiles at ASVI base?

    Hi. Just now I re-downloaded the file "ASVI_2.01.rar" from orbithangar and all is ok (as usual). I think you have not seen the file to rename "Da rinominare-Base.cfg" but it is included in .rar file and exactly you can found it in "Config" folder! Here, the pics about that file in .rar...