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    Question Favourite Linux distro?

    I was a Mandrake/Mandriva user for years. Now, that Mandriva no longer is a going concern, I switched to Mageia. It is developed by former Mandriva gurus. It has choices for server and desktop kernels, choices of desktop environments, tons of optional apps, and lots of support.
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    General Question DGIV on Orbiter2016?

    A little over a month is a while? The official 2016 version just came out. Be patient.....
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    OHM Ascension Island 2016

    Thank you! My favorite Orbiter base is here for the new edition! :thumbup:
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    RIP Jerry Doyle / CWO Michael Alfredo Garibaldi

    R.I.P. Garibaldi. You will be missed......
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    Incompatibility with Dan Step's Mods

    Yep, I stand corrected. Or, maybe I sit corrected. Much more accurate. :)
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    Incompatibility with Dan Step's Mods

    I have downloaded the latest Orbiter Beta. So far, I have only installed the lo-res maps for the worlds. When I use any mod that Dan Steph has made for Orbiter, I have found these problems, so far: 1. Lunar Transfer MFD does not work at all. When trying to activate it, the program instantly...
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to OF!!
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    Greetings from Budapest

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    Artisthos Reporting for Duty

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    HELLO THERE !! :)

    Welcome to the forums! I use a combination of a Cyber X flightstick as well as my keyboard. Whatever floats your boat (or spacecraft) doesn't matter. have fun!
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    Announcement Tex Steps Down / Forum Ownership Change

    Wow, I have been away for a little while and the bomb gets dropped... :facepalm: Seriously, best of luck in all of your future endeavors. May you continue to help light the path to the cosmos.....
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    New guy in orbit...

    Welcome! Happy flying!!
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    Just as guilty here! I need a force-feedback sofa myself......
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Here is me in my DGIV (Firehawk) attempting to rendezvous with an XR2 that was heavily damaged during its test flight (explosion Apollo 13-Style). The XR2 test pilot managed to stop the wild oscillation with the still-functioning RCS thrusters, but the main engines were offline and the heat...
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    Hi all.. Newbie here :-)

    Welcome!! Moon Shuttle pilot at your service!
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    Back... I guess.

    Welcome back!!
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    Vulture Culture

    Nice guitar! Dean??
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    Flying High Again

    Well, it's not a new computer, but it works. Copied my orbiter stuff from archives and I am flying high again!