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  1. Carmen A

    Project Plants

    First research project is Japanese aerospace industry. Why Japan? I like Mitsubishi :P Second, I have a grand, evil idea to create a new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' spaceport on reclaimed land :D
  2. Carmen A

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    Artlav is working on an industrial simulation, which is in quite early stages of development (see Addon Dev't forums). I like his idea of a basic production system because it gives an excuse for me to fly from point A to point B all over the world in order to supply the components to build a...
  3. Carmen A

    Base Tokyo?

    Tokyo in Orbiter may be closer to reality than you think. I'm looking at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as my first stop, though :P
  4. Carmen A

    Project Plants

    So far so good. What would happen if we used XR5 containers for the cargo? (More realistic for bulk transport purposes). Container farm :D
  5. Carmen A

    Project Plants

    Ok, so we have a go for Earth Aerospace industrial research. I'll take over the initial location propagation and surface tiling, followed by location of transshipment bases. For added challenge we may want to create a "hub and spoke" system where smaller air transports, rail, and sealift...
  6. Carmen A

    Project Plants

    Ok - for vchamp's and fans' input; Should I create terrain for known industrial areas and major aerospace industrial hubs? If vchamp wants to do basic industries I can do that too - mining of rare exotic materials in remote areas, use XR5s for VTOL and bulk transport to processing hubs. I can...
  7. Carmen A

    Project Plants

  8. Carmen A

    Project Plants

    Wow, I just realised you're using my Houston area terrain. If needed I can do sat-derived local terrain for other famous industrial areas too. Especially those renown for aerospace industries. I believe you may regard these areas as "Loading/Unloading Bays". For a start, the default...
  9. Carmen A

    Poll What kind of washing machine do you have?

    Careful, don't let the Society for Well Being of Washing Machines see that.
  10. Carmen A

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Ouch! Such initiatives are the cornerstone of my present employers' modus operandi. Any welfare given to staff absolutely guarantees increased operational capabilities in the end. Consideration for individuals' circumstances = morale and high morale is A Good Thing in this day and age (bad...
  11. Carmen A

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    My Mom at the age of 16 sent a letter to the Royal Navy in response to a recruitment ad... from Malaysia. They actually replied. (That was the British Royal Navy, not the Malaysian one lmao) Now, if South East Asian culture were less stuck-up about my Mom's international ambitions (Mom had...
  12. Carmen A

    Updates X-37B atop of Atlas 5 on March 4th 2011

    Epic. The long lost ancestor to the XR5 :D At least, you can think of it that way when comparing the USS Enterprise E to the Phoenix :D
  13. Carmen A

    Vessel Airbus A320 & Air Jamaica Livery for it

    It'll be more practical to make a request for an XR2 or XR5 with airliner livery. You'd prefer to fly a subsonic airliner for a few hours across the pond in FSX, not Orbiter, right? :3
  14. Carmen A

    Project Marathon

    Looking good! Maybe follow up with a surface base and tile design tutorial of your own! There are some tutorials covering this subject already but I'm sure you could do a nicely updated and graphically intuitive version :)
  15. Carmen A

    Request Fighter Mode Autopilot

    I think some of us forumers tried that out and didn't work, requires updating to 2010. May not be realistic but it's a "fun" concept. Useful for Star Trek non-Newtonian maneuvers.
  16. Carmen A

    Base MEM-Memphis International Airport

    I can do runway positioning and terrain tiles (quite easy, see Houston, Texas) but the taxiways and terminal buildings have to be done by way of 3d modelling. For complex and large airports like these, I'm not sure if anyone right now is actively making them.
  17. Carmen A

    Request A light with an on/off switch ?

    I was wanting a generic spotlight unit as well. Good to hear it's been produced already:) How does it work when mounted on a vessel? Like those sub-hunting searchlights they used in WW2? Is there any way to make the lights illuminate the ground texture as well? I notice the XR ships' landing...
  18. Carmen A

    Idea Cargo container with 2 docking ports

    Still want the "rescue module" to be made? I can whip that up pretty fast. As soon as I'm done teaching people air combat tactics in F4U Corsairs, that is :3
  19. Carmen A


    There is no escape from The Probe :)
  20. Carmen A

    News DeltagliderEX

    The DG-EX takes off and lands very neatly on realistically sized runways. Some tricks are needed to get it off the ground using the same takeoff roll as a say, fully laden 747. I imagine it is some sort of future hypersonic airliner. Would you have any objections if I released a RATO loadout...