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    DG-IV Reentry Video Tutorial

    Thanks Oceanic Thanks to your tutorial I managed to re-enter right on target, however I was comming in way to hot (over 2500 ias at 35k) and overshot wideawake by 25km, I think I need to try bleed off more energy in the thicker atmosphere, anyway fuel reserves got the DGex home and this has...
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    Hi Folks

    Hi there my name is Tre and have been playing orbiter for the last 4-5 months. I was a flight sim junkie until I discovered orbiter I'm now addicted to this wonderful sim. My main accomplishments so far is successful docking with the ISS using both DGIV and DGex and am currently building my...
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    Problem URMS & UCD Trouble

    MJR i'm a bit rusty with setting attachment points. I will however have a go at itmanually. However, I was under the impression from the URMS & UCD documentation that it allowed you to alter the attachment point through the scenario editor using the addon functionality.
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    Problem URMS & UCD Trouble

    Thanks for the hints Oceanic changed the scenario file, however the arm is still falling away from the host craft. I'm gonna check the versions of URMS & UCD I got from Orbiter hanger compared to ones at Klutchs site.
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    Problem URMS & UCD Trouble

    Sorry I didnt. I automatically assumed that the addons did that part. I will have a scout about on how to create attachment points for the arm and cargo. Thanks.
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    Problem URMS & UCD Trouble

    Hi folks been tinkering with building my own station for future lunar missions, However, I noticed some strange behaviour from Universal Cargo Dock & Universal RMS as whenever I load the scenario they seem to detach from the host ship (to my surprise when I went afk and loaded a quick save I...