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  1. ljetibo

    Math Fields medal: UK refugee wins 'biggest maths prize'

    They could though. The real fun part of the story is:
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I don't know, $3300 35mm Nikon D850 and a $16,300 800mm f/5.6 lens. Let's round it up to 20 000$ even. Doesn't seem like a stretch for a used car anywhere in the world.
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    Project Merril C. Meigs base So pretty. How big is it (in MB/GB)?
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    2018 German Grand Prix Hockenheim, 20-22 July

    I don't think this is the only reason Rai woudn't have been able to catch up with Bottas as Rai is still on an old PU having one fail early in the season. They would likely not allow him to push his PU to max anyhow as any failure now would bring about grid penalties (from which it's harder to...
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    News Croatia advances to World Cup finals Croatia wins over England in the semifinals and is now facing France in the finals of World Cup football championship.... I can hardly believe it myself. Third overtime game in a row for Croatia.
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    News Tesla S on Autopilot

    That can just mean that no dashcam footage survives an FL crash.
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    2018 Canadian Grand Prix Montreal, 8-10 June

    I am surprised that Raikkonen couldn't catch up with Hamilton who was having quite a bit of problems it seems. Great drive by Botas, but other than that it was pretty uneventful.
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    Updates ISS Soyuz flights updates

    From Feustel's twitter an amazing image of Soyuz approaching the ISS for docking yesterday. Wasn't sure which thread this should belong to exactly, here or ISS so move it if it's wrong.
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    Internet Video Thread

    Help, can't figure out how to embed video. Here's a great NASA 4k video about our Moon and LRO mission. Edit: I get it, it has to be a clean YT vid, no additional tags past the video ID.
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    MmMMmmm, F35 doing the Mach loop videos.....
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Me too, I'm just saying - sometimes people work somewhere where it's not *explicitly* their job but still kind-of ends up their responsibility. Much like the engineers, they soon grow to be conservative too! Usually you can find them busy administrating user permits via Win XP applications. :)
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I agree with you almost completely with the addendum that anything Mic. bought went through a transition phase in which it was very unfriendly with anything *nix, or common sense. It gets better soon enough but there's an annoying slump in the middle. This is not a big deal for stuff like...
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    If by bases you mean places where you can land (not necessarily take off with a shuttle from) then the following also worked for me Baikonur - but mainly because that whole part of the earth is so flat. Edwards Canaveral Habana And I think also Gran Canaria (very nice, lights and all works)...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    The graphics in this game have gone so far that sometimes it's just nice to look at the Moon. Next up Mars! I hope I don't miss it.
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    2018 Monaco Grand Prix

    This so much... I love Ricciardo even though I really don't like Red Bull as a team. The way they just sort of just decided to bench Kvyat and the fact Sainz seemed happy to bail on them just makes me thing it's a team of asses. I mean, wining is important in this sport and I can understand not...
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    General Question reentry flames on launch (screenshot)

    Yeah, that does seem too slow to cause the ionization at that altitude. I think kuddel is closest in his guess with: if it worked for a long time and then suddenly stopped working recently something had to change. Did you update/upgrade any of the modules or orbiter itself?
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    Work safety in that video is on point!
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    So, after a it of wikipedia reading, F35 is the product of the JSF program. If you read on through the links you'll see that the X35 is just the proof-of-concept aircraft that once it won the JSF grant was developed further to some final form, armed and then registered as F35. As far as...
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    General Question reentry flames on launch (screenshot)

    That look like the flames you get if you're in atmospheric flight and you exceed certain velocity. I don't know if those are handled differently than "re-entry" flames (I'd assume not, but if you can still see them with that option turned off then I guess they are). If you give up more details...
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    News F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation.

    Wasn't it the result of a Joint Strike Fighter program? That would by definition make it an export, wouldn't it? I'm always at awe at the tech that goes into these things. Very unfortunate it's to shoot people with. I'm also kind of surprised that it doesn't really seem to boast a lot of...