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    News Massachusetts Principal Takes Aim at Fall Holidays, Says They're Insensitive

    Quote "When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples," unquote. I have a feeling that "Chris the 'Bus" as he was known to his friends, never actually set foot on the land that is now continental...
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    Question Rounding the Horn

    Sorry but I have always thought of "going Round the Horn" was a reference to staff calling out checks, the "horn" being a loudspeaker. The most well known being the mission control for Apollo flights where each dept had to quote go or no go.
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    Hello from London

    Welcome from a fellow Brit
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    Tutorial Frame by frame animations in Orbiter

    Now that was cool. Over to you Buzz, want to re-do your Moon walk!
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Yeah I was there. Sat up with my Dad, around 0300hrs trying to stay awake even though I totally in to it. My bedroom wall was covered in cuttings from the papers for years after. Even after I had left home for the RAF in 1971.
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    Discussion area flattening experiment - SUCCESS

    I think this idea has great merit. I am thinking of the process of making a whole new base, be it on the moon or on earth. Having mapped out a suitable area, the one thing I am sure of is that the terrain will not be suitable for a one metre thick disk of concrete to be poured and call it a...
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    tileedit updates

    Looks like a bit of homework for me then.:hmm:
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    tileedit updates

    Any chance it will run 32 Bit or is it 64 Bit only?
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    Science Endless and free electricity generation : what's the trick ?

    At the 4 min mark the real power lead is held in his bunched fingers under the fan.
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    Question Daft Question, Seats on ISS

    Thanks for that video, so its table but no chairs. Saves a few bits of meshes !!
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    Question Daft Question, Seats on ISS

    Thanks for the quick response, Jedidia. What about the human contact element. 4 or 5 sat round talking the day through. In the roof I plan a number of consoles which you would hook up to so you do not drift off while uploading data/ reviewing status and the like. This would be more for the...
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    Question Daft Question, Seats on ISS

    I am having a go at modelling a "pod" that crew from a DGiv can go into to spend a few days while the DG orbits the Moon. i.e. to too much to ask that they stay seated in the DG for the duration of the mission. To give a human feel to the place I was going to add a table and chair they could...
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    Question Strange english word to me not relationed closely with Orbiter

    Could this be a log entry at 15:48hrs
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    Software Coding Key press / input

    I think I can do the animation it is just getting it "triggered" by a keypress. That code from Deepstar seems to be the sort of thing I need and it gives me a place to drop the animation into. Not sure what the last two "else" are doing other than testing for shift and Alt! Grandkids over the...
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    Software Coding Key press / input

    I did try to follow the whole series but got lost along the way somehow
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    Software Coding Key press / input

    Yet again I am up here asking for help. I do thank you nice people in advance and am grateful for the time you take. ( Creep over) I am having a go at my first c++ vessel and learning c++ at the same time. I wish to have some doors open on command. They would be covers over cages which hold...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Note with interest the Super Dragon ( post 15687) with room for 40. Looks like the picture says "12 in first class taking up 66% and the other 28 packed into the remaining 33%"
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    Project Orb::Connect Web Edition

    Am I right in thinking then I could get a rasberry Pi connected to a 2nd monitor to display MFD's. So main screen on main monitor.. Ext MFD's on 2nd monitor and a couple of other MFD's runing on a Rasberry Pi via a web interface....
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    Problem Docking ports, approach and mate

    How very nice of you to think me capable of such skill:rofl: I am 60 and only just worked out joined up writing. Actually one of the lines of thought that I had when I started this vessel was "Why do we need a manned DG just to ferry boxes to and from the surface when we have autopilot like...
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    Problem Docking ports, approach and mate

    Hi Urwempe, Got the thusters working nicely and exhaust lined up. ( couple of typo's did mean I had 3 working together and 1 working against !!) Just now if I set it to point at 90, it sweeps round to 110, back to 80 ( so far so good) but then its 95,86,94,87,93,88 for about 60 secs. If I...