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  1. ggrof

    Problem Io elevation data

    I've re-installed Orbiter and, for some reason, now it's working. Thank you for help me :thumbup:!!
  2. ggrof

    Problem Io elevation data

    Yes, I replaced. And before I had to create a Mercury folder with an Archives folder to put the .tree files.
  3. ggrof

    Problem Io elevation data

    There's what's happening
  4. ggrof

    Problem Io elevation data

    yes! It's appearing here. Thank you! I supposed that elevation data covered whole Io. Well, i guess this is the same for Enceladus, right? Well, now i am concerned about Mercury High Resolution meshes and elevation. They are missing (but no CTD) and I followed the instalation instructions from...
  5. ggrof

    Problem Io elevation data

    Hello everyone. I've just downloaded the minor bodies pack from official Orbiter's homepage and the Io's folder contains a elev.tree archive. Should I expect for terrain or am I wrong? Because Io remains flat to me even after installed it. Thanks!
  6. ggrof

    OHM Orion autopilot

    When I launch the lunar mission scenario i get a CTD. There is because i have not the Lunar Module MAV and I can´t find it in orbithangar. Someone knows where could I find it?
  7. ggrof

    Problem Issue with spacecraft3 in orbiter client

    Hello I am having a trouble with spacecraft3 when I run it in Orbiter 2010 P1 and Orbiter 2016, both in orbiter client. Could anyone help me, please? Thanks ---------- Post added at 09:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:52 PM ---------- fixed. I ve created symbolic links in d3d client
  8. ggrof

    Problem problem ith Neptune-1 in D3D9

    Yes. The problem appears with multistage2 and multistage2015. But, as I said, Works fine in normal version, not D3D9. ---------- Post added at 07:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 AM ---------- Well, it seems a multistage or spacecraft issue. I can´t run no one multistage vessel in...
  9. ggrof

    Problem problem ith Neptune-1 in D3D9

    Chapman modules 3.0 and the scenario that comes with addon(nep-1)
  10. ggrof

    Problem problem ith Neptune-1 in D3D9

    Hello everyone I can´t run the neptune-1 on d3d9 in 2010-p1 version. There´s the log **** Creating simulation session D3D9Client: [DirectX 9 Initialized] D3D9Client: Sytem has XNA math support D3D9Client: [3DDevice Initialized] D3D9Client: [Compiling Effects for Shader Model 3.0] D3D9Client...
  11. ggrof

    Question looking for Ryns´s Realistic Atlas V

    Does anyone have the Ryan´s Realistic Atlas V yet? I need it. Thanks for everyone
  12. ggrof

    Problem I can`t open D3D client in orbiter

    There is the log file **** Orbiter.log 000000.000: Build Jan 29 2016 [v.160129] 000000.000: Timer precision: 2.9158e-007 sec 000000.000: Found 0 joystick(s) 000000.000: Module AtlantisConfig.dll .... [Build 150906, API 150906] 000000.000: Module AtmConfig.dll ......... [Build 150906, API...
  13. ggrof

    Problem I can`t open D3D client in orbiter

    hello I can`t open orbiter NG with D3D9 Client. When I activate the module in module tab, appears a blank window and when I try to run the program, it closes immediately. What`s going wrong? Please help Thank you
  14. ggrof

    Hardware Orbiter in AMD A10 7850k

    16 gb RAM 2400mhz
  15. ggrof

    Hardware Orbiter in AMD A10 7850k

    Hi Someone tried to run Orbiter in AMD A10 7850k with integrated GPU?
  16. ggrof

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.44, Dec 5 2015)

    I have downloaded the entire Earth Hi res textures pack and I am about 3 hours in Winrar uncompressing the files. Is everything okay?
  17. ggrof

    Hardware Orbiter in a 144 mhz display

    Hi everyone Is better play Orbiter beta in a 120 or 144 mhz display than 60mhz because of terrain processing or there is no difference ? Thanks
  18. ggrof

    Project D3D11Client Development

    To get all features of D3D11 (terrain, atmosphere, etc.), i have to download only the latest file (in the ltest link) or I have to get some basic files?
  19. ggrof

    Flight Question How to know the target inclination from correct heading?

    sorry!! I mean target inclination!!! ---------- Post added at 03:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:59 PM ---------- Well, if PHI is 45 deg. and Beta is 30 deg., cos i will be 69deg.? (i´m not good in numbers...) ---------- Post added at 03:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:15...