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  1. Swigert

    New Orbiter development screenshots

    Looks great! Can't wait.
  2. Swigert

    General Question Where do I Start?

    I have recently decided I want to begin creating vessel addons. I know there's the SDK and all, but where exactly do I start? What software do you recommend for creating meshes? How does coding the vessel go? ;)
  3. Swigert


    Good to have you here! Welcome to O-F. Hope you enjoy using Orbiter. :welcome:
  4. Swigert

    Things you did while new to Orbiter

    Let us share our times when we were new to Orbiter. For what ever reason, I would intentionally crash into the terrain.
  5. Swigert

    Hi again!

    Good to have you back mate. :yes:
  6. Swigert

    New Here

    Welcome to OF, Keith! :welcome: Regarding your problem, did you download it from here? If not, try doing so. That's where I got mine and it works fine. If you did download it from there, try re-installing AMSO.
  7. Swigert

    News Train carrying three Boeings derails in Montana

    It really makes you question safety features aboard (one) of our most trusted and used modes of transport
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    Welcome to O-F pal! Enjoy your time with us! :cheers:
  9. Swigert

    A breath of fresh air!

    Best of luck and a quick and flawless recovery man!
  10. Swigert

    General Question Can I edit the orbits of the planets/moons?

    I don't think I know what I am talking about, but perhaps there is data for the celestial body's orbit in the .cfg file. Orbiter\Config\Celestial body\ Don't take this reply too seriously; I don't think I know what I am talking about.
  11. Swigert

    2014 World Cup

    The US against Ghana? It's 1 (US)-0 (Ghana) currently...I don't see how Ghana is losing...We don't play much soccer here in the States; it's mostly our version of football and baseball here.
  12. Swigert

    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    I noticed that too. Prepare for impact. :rofl:
  13. Swigert

    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    I got a few snaps of the upcoming full moon for June. My first space pictures, so be nice. :lol: What do you think? Good for my first time? (Telescope used: Orion Observer 70mm EQ, photographed with my HTC Incredible)
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    Welcome to O-F, Daniel! We hope you enjoy yourself here! :cheers:
  15. Swigert

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    According to all of my nerdy resources, I have come to the conclusion that it is not, however, I do believe that it would be an excellent word for our vocabulary.
  16. Swigert

    Gaming Battlefield 3 free via Origin

    I don't even play multiplayer until I at least try to complete the campaign. It's a great way to get used to the controls and gameplay before you jump to multiplayer.
  17. Swigert

    Gaming Battlefield 3 free via Origin

    It seems like something I'd expect myself to be interested in, but I've already got a copy on my 360...
  18. Swigert

    Hello there

    Welcome to O-F.
  19. Swigert

    My Experience in the Past 100 Posts

    Before I joined O-F, I was a big fan of Orbiter. It wasn't until I needed help that I had to join the forum. At first, it was very unfriendly to me. But as I posted a few more times, I realized that Orbiter Forum is a very, contrary to what I thought, friendly and relaxing place. Since my first...