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  1. RichWall

    Please leave us alone [ACCOUNT HACKED]

    After years of stalking from unknowns, we respectfully ask to be left alone.
  2. RichWall

    Announcement Tex Steps Down / Forum Ownership Change

    And so it comes full circle. Thanks Tex. It took (and takes) a lot of wisdom to walk the successful path you have. I have no doubt you will be successful where ever you go and on what ever you do. I hope we get a chance to talk further sometime. Your name is synonymous with "Quality" in my...
  3. RichWall

    Announcement Changes for Political & Religious Topics - "The Basement"

    Now some can decide what's politically correct. Poor Tex.:facepalm: P.S. Requiring 'log in' to read political discusions here, otherwise they are not public, is censorship in it's own right. Motive..?
  4. RichWall

    Announcement Changes for Political & Religious Topics - "The Basement"

    It's Amazing when to know where that line is, I don't. Censorship is a dangerous game.
  5. RichWall

    Question Aliens...Do you think they exist?

    Thanks for the clarification. I was not sure.:)
  6. RichWall

    Question Aliens...Do you think they exist?

    Jupiter: Ball of Gas. DEAD; Europa: Possible life-supporter Saturn: Ball of Gas. DEAD; Titan: Possible life-supporter (It's life Jim, but not as we know it.) Uranus: Ball of gas. DEAD Neptune: Ball of gas. DEAD; Triton: Possible life-supporter
  7. RichWall

    Updates Orion (MPCV) Updates and Discussion
  8. RichWall

    News Population hitting 7 billion

    Interesting site. 2,934,049,358th before 3 billion, I'm surprised.
  9. RichWall

    News Population hitting 7 billion

    You could start a business, but I can't seem to think of a clever company name at the moment.
  10. RichWall

    News Population hitting 7 billion

    I helped contribute to the 7 Billion:)
  11. RichWall

    Spinal Surgery Coming Up

    Mental attitude makes all the difference. You will do fine. All the best and speedy recovery. The Orbiter Forum are good people and they never would wish ill on another. I know, since my wife got cancer all have been totally supportive.:)
  12. RichWall

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    @ FordPrefect, You do not need therapy in a formal sense, maybe informal. Be with friends you trust and try, if possible, to not make it too personal. The "All is fair in Love and War" accolade will not help, but some truth exists within it. You could be perfect for her, but the intimacy...
  13. RichWall

    News NASA's Future: The News and Updates Thread This and Belisarius' Lander? Or markp's Lander and a couple of Habs to make it to Mars and back? ESA's ATVs as habs? 3 or 4 Launches?
  14. RichWall

    I need a good, solid Orbiter game trailer

    Great video for sure. How could any work like this be not considered awesome? now or then?
  15. RichWall

    Question your opinion on elevators/lifts

    When it comes to flatulence, an escalator is preferred.
  16. RichWall

    Question Usefulness of the ISS (and other space stations) for humanity

    I like Terra Firma, don't you? Otherwise, How could Columbus acclaim anything to plant a flag on?
  17. RichWall

    News (Update: Back on duty) Tex stepping down for a while

    Glad to see you back. Really!
  18. RichWall

    News US EAST Coast Earthquake

    Old plate stretching at work I think. Similar to East Africa before the rift valleys. Just like snapping your back with those stubborn vertebrae that will not give in except for once in a while.
  19. RichWall

    Horror movies

    This movie more than any, set my hairs on end. I'm sure by todays standards quite tame. Lots of movies with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in the 60s and early 70s. As for dgatsoulis list, I've seen is Alien, Psycho and The Thing( both versions). Not much other than these...