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    General Question Visual tools for orbit planning

    Hi all, Are there any add-ons, or maybe plans to develop in core, of visual orbit planning tools such as the ones in KSP, or Juno? I'm talking about the planned burn tools with the UI interface where your planned orbit is displayed in real-time 3D as you tweak the burn parameters. Of course...
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    Apollo 13 direct return burn

    Hey indy, if you don't mind I'd definitely like to see how all the different calculations are done. I mean, I can see the formulas on some website, but I lack the background to transpose them onto the problem. So to put it in words, we must find the direction of thrust and the delta V required...
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    Apollo 13 direct return burn

    Apparently my other reply post didn't make it through, so let me try again. Thank you guys for the information. I can now picture the kind of burn that would have been needed, but I'm not too sure what kind of math is involved in "accurately" determining the orientation of the ship and the...
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    Apollo 13 direct return burn

    Hi all, In the Apollo 13 movie, we see discussions about the possibility of a direct return burn using the SM's rocket. I'd like to know how this would be accomplished, as my (limited) understanding of orbital mechanism makes me think that even if they were to burn retrograde, then this would...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hello all, My name is Luc, and I'm from Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. I'm a 43 years old Electrical Engineering Technologist. I've been playing a bit with Orbiter since 2006, but I've never actually posted to any forums. So, I thought maybe this time I could get in touch with the Orbiter community...