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    Author: brianj The Osiris_Rex spacecraft, AtlasV launcher and launch-pad SLC-41, asteroid Bennu. Launch and post-launch scenarios. Operation and installation instructions in /Doc/Osiris_REx/ folder. Installation of Bennu requires editing /Config/Sol.cfg. Spacecraft feat.deployable...
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    OHM Blake's 7 Vessels

    Author: luke reichelt This is a collection of spacecraft from the classic BBC sci-fi series Blake's 7. Some of the scenarios require DSV2 Liberator by the Ragtag Fleet, while the one base requires Mars 2060 for meshes. This add-on has been a collaborative effort between myself and...
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    OHM Arabsat-6A

    Author: brianj Arabsat-6A .ini file for use with Vinka's Spacecraft3. Launch scenario for FalconHeavy on 09 April 2019.   FalconHeavy autopilot is set for 160 x 250 km parking orbit at Core booster EDL-only to OCISLY, side boosters return to LZ pads at KSC. FRV is on station...
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    OHM Little Joe & Beach Abort

    Author: 4th rock Little Joe & Beach Abort Development Resources Meshes, Multistage 2015 configurations and scenarios for those wanting to get into Orbiter addon development. The rockets are functional but rough, to provide room for simple "novice" fixes. (These resources are free to (re)use...
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    OHM Space Shuttle Missions (Part 1)

    Author: gargantua2024 NOTE: If you have downloaded m previous upload named "Space Shuttle Historical Launch Audios", kindly replace it with this one This addon attempts to recreate Shuttle launches with their respective launch audios accompanying them. Thanks to the almost limitless...
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    OHM Apollo 12 Soundpack (AMSO)

    Author: 1987vcrproductions Contained in this soundpack are 773 audio files, which clock in at a combined 7 hours, 3 minutes, and 50 seconds worth of audio.  Apollo 12 is one of my personal favorite missions, and one that tends to get overshadowed by the trailblazing Apollo 11, and the near...
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    OHM SAL HST repair

    Author: donamy A hypothetical mission, to repair and reboost the Hubble Space Telescope. Using the SpaceX Crewed Dragon. Required addons: SC4 HST_EX Crew Dragon 2016...
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    OHM Space Launches Mir v190223

    Author: crisbeta This project recreates step by step a list of historical missions about Mir Space Station. It contains 1 mission and 2 scenarios. Mir was a space station that operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001, operated by the Soviet Union and later by Russia. Mir was the first...
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    OHM PSN-6 and Beresheet

    Author: brianj SpaceIL "Beresheet" lunar lander spacecraft and .ini file for PSN6 communications satellite. Launch scenario for Falcon9 on 22 Feb 2019. Info and installation instructions in /Doc/PSN6/ folder.   REQUIRED Falcon9 for Orbiter2016
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    OHM XRSound GUI

    Author: abdullah radwan XRSound is a lightweight GUI to configure XRSound. Allows you adjust all options (except sound files and groups section) via a graphical interface. Read the manual for an explanation to options. Please note this tool isn’t an official XRSound tool, and it’s not...
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    OHM Merril C. Meigs

    Author: notebook Simple add-on, made in Orbiter2010. Runs on Orbiter2016, runway not flattened. Extract to Orbiter folder, keeping folder paths. DOWNLOAD
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    OHM Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016

    Author: zandy12 ***Updated the documentation. Now can be fully installed via executable.***     This is the detailed ISS created by various developers; notably Donamy and Thorton. It was originally developed to run in Orbiter 2010 is now modified to work in Orbiter 2016. This add-on includes...
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    OHM Apollo Missions (beta 0.1)

    Author: soumya-8974 Hi! This is my new project. The goal of the add-on is to make all the missions of the Saturn rockets. Change log: 0.1: Initial release Requirements: AMSO, Velcro Rockets, Velcro Saturns Development page: Enjoy!  ...
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    OHM Revised Examples IMFD 5.7

    Author: salva REVISED EXAMPLES for Interplanetary MFD 5.7   Tested with Orbiter 2016 REQUIRED IMFD 5.7   DOWNLOAD
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    OHM Cruiser Operations :The Ticonderoga V0.01 Cruiser Operations Script Vessel

    Author: beep This addon is intended to be a companion for the Carrier Operations 2 Addon. In this sense is just a scenario decoration. Nevertheless, it has some features of its own such as a landable helipad, two firing turrets, two vertical launch systems that can launch cruise missiles and...
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    OHM Parker Solar Probe Mission 2018 v1.1

    Author: wuwuk NASA's first mission to go to the sun, the Parker Solar Probe, is named after Eugene Parker who first theorized that the sun constantly sends out a flow of particles and energy called the solar wind. v1.1: config files tune and add better description to Orbiter launcher...
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    OHM Glider for O2016 V1.00

    Author: zachary77 So, O2016 is out with wonderful terrain. Problem is, whizzing past at >Mach 1 makes it hard to sightsee. Addons-wise, we have lots of spacecraft, some fast aircraft, a few slow props (thanks Kev33) and basically no unpowered aircraft. With that in mind, I've developed a glider...
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    OHM HST(EX) for Orbiter2016

    Author: brianj Hubble Space Telescope + Extras, for Orbiter2016. HST feat. zoom FOV down to 0.2deg, "GoTo" by target name or RA / Dec, sun-tracking arrays, etc. Also features removable science modules (4 axial modules, 3 radial modules, 3 RSU) and solar arrays. Add-on includes STS-61 ORUC...
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    OHM NG 10 SS John Young

    Author: donamy Updated Cygnus vehicle with Nortrop Grumman insignia. DOWNLOAD
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    OHM Paleo Earth V1 for Orbiter 2010 Part 3 of 3

    Author: dr_aeronautics This addon simulates the Earth as it would have appeared at various times throughout its history to anyone in space or up in the atmosphere. This addon was created using the most accurate knowledge we have. But in some cases, we still just don't know all the details yet...