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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    Smeg head ?
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    Will probably be free to play after a couple of years relying on addons for income.
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    Game releases today 17/12/14 Elite Dangerous is officially out and released today after a year of testing. :thumbup: With no offline option though...
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    Apparently with a real Newtonian physics flight model both combat and whizzing through asteroid fields would be nearly impossible which would kill the game for many players. The visuals are stunning and the extra content being introduced in each update is making the game play depth and variety...
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    Not a space sim I really need to get this off my chest but in several articles I have read in the game press on Elite Dangerous they have referred to the game as a “space simulator”. It is definitely not..! When you watch a film and something happens which is impossible or very improbable then...
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    News Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo accident during powered test flight

    Latest news from Virgin Galactic but nothing new.
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    Internet Educational learning

    BBC were advertising this. Going to try it over next few days.:idea:
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    other options If you want to avoid the safer market trading option go to the nearest anarchy system and track down unidentified signal sources. They can be cargo which you can grab and sell for a reduced amount but any gold you find is worth it at 20000 credits per 4 tons. You will get killed a...
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    A few tips on play For anyone considering playing Elite. Be warned there is a lot of grinding in getting enough money to stop running and hiding at every encounter. Combat is pretty leathel until you can afford a decent ship and weapons which costs a couple of hundred thousend. You'll be...
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    News Russia eyes Soyuz upgrades for mission around the moon

    Maybe to get a drink and use the space toilet? :cheers::embarrassed:
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    awaiting beta access Elite Dangerous has now entered its premium beta stage. If you have any interest in what this looks like I would suggest you check out the numerous YouTube videos. I backed both this and Star Citizen. I have played the Star Citizen combat beta called “Arena Commander” which...
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    Xeno... NUTS!

    I loved the original and spent hundreds of hours on it but never enjoyed the follow ups as much. The dumbed down game play spoiled the experience for me. Saw this on steam but thought it was probably another poor copy. Will definatly buy this and give it a bash on your recommendation.
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    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    is this project coming out for Orbiter 2010 or the new Orbiter 2014? :hmm:
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    new video New video posted yesterday showing possible flight through gas giant and asteriod field.
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    I’ve backed it. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype, if it gets off the ground. Quote from the Kickstart page:  Will you have Newtonian Physics in the game? • Yes. The degree of the fly-by-wire to override the feeling of skidding is something we will carefully tune.
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    Newbie finally Docked!

    Well done. :thumbup: learning curve is so steep i keep sliding off. :n00b::rofl:
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    Thank YOU: My Book Release

    Will look forward to reading your book. Is it likely to be published in any other formats? Will send the link to my friends. :salute:
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    Happy Birthday, Best Wishes.

    Happy Birthday, Best Wishes.