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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Hail Probe!
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    Discussion Proposal New version of Orbiter

    Best. Answer. So. Far. Us stupids that can't code will just have to suffer
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    Updates SLS Updates
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    Back after 10 years!

    Welcome back!
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    Problem ISSR no longer works in Orbiter 2016 D3D9Client

    Maybe the D3D9 log files too.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    If he agrees...make sure you give him the appropriate attribution. Golden Rule, right?
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Deep Space Dragon at 2000 SG344. HAIL PROBE! :hailprobe::hailprobe:
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    OHM Deep Space Dragon2 I have BrianJ's, Crew Dragon for Orbiter2016 ( installed instead of BrianJ's CrewDragon DM2 ( Works beautifully. Thank you!
  9. NukeET

    OHM Deep Space Dragon2

    I keep getting CTDs attempting to run any scenario from this add-on. Orbiter never finishes loading. Attached is the Orbiter log and the D3D9 client log. If I remove ship, "Dragon", from scenario Lunar Dragon\TLI Calculated, Orbiter finishes loading. Last line of the D3D9 log: (307: 23.8s...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Pursuit MFD doesn't work well for this kind of approach BECAUSE of the target's rotation. Small errors in the X and Y translational axis aren't successfully eliminated. Rather than damping these out, they get amplified.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    News Yutu-2 images a cube-shaped rock?

    It's headed for a closer look:
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    How about the solar plant too?
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    area flattening experiment-success
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    Loaded into 2016 with solar plant and trains deleted from the *.cfg file, and, with the above parameters in the *.flt file. See attached screenshot.
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    1. Are you using D3D9ClientR4.25-forOrbiter2016(r1446)? 2. Do you have Terrain Flattening enabled in the client? 3. I was making a guess as to the size and orientation of your base. Change "ELLIPSE 721 -157.835 -4.154 500 500 0 10" to "ELLIPSE 721 -157.835 -4.154 2000 2000 0 10". Maybe the...
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    I located an XR2 at the coordinates you listed for Space Port 2 Base.cfg file. It is definitely on sloped ground. You could fix this issue using the newest D3D9 client and running Orbiter_ng.exe instead of Orbiter.exe. You'll also need a file located in (root)\Textures\Moon\Flat\. [file...
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    I had similar problems running Lunar Base Niven (developed for 2010) in Orbiter 2016 when it came out. I deleted the solar panels in Base.cfg...and have been waiting for minds greater than mine to fix this in 2016. The underground issue is probably due to the actual terrain that 2016 affords...
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    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    @Pioneer:Thanks for the mention! @Krishnan: What specifically prevents your base from working in Orbiter 2016?
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    Hey - Back to Orbiter after a 3+ year break!!

    Welcome back! Congratulations on beating my record of being away from Orbiter! On a more personal note, are you old enough to have seen any Apollo mission live?