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    Project Agamemnon Omega-Class Destroyer (Babylon 5)

    There may be hope for implementing Starfury storage and launchers in the Agamemnon some time in the future:
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    Question What games are you playing?

    The Cortez was mostly developed on my work laptop, back when I was a desktop technician. Ironic. I had more time to code personal things when I was a hardware tech. Now that I'm a developer, I have no time to code personal things. Heck, for that matter I can't remember the last time I wrote...
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    Question What games are you playing?

    Have been playing the latest Gran Turismo on PS5 since it came out. Also occasionally play theHunter: Call of the Wild and Warzone 2 with a couple friends (only because it's free; I'll never pay for another CoD game). Picked up an XBox One for a steal 4 years ago, I take that with me to my...
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    Hey there

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    Hey Y'all

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    Project Agamemnon Omega-Class Destroyer (Babylon 5)

    Honestly I'd love to bring all of my visions for the B5 vessels to life in Orbiter, but time, life etc. At the very least I'd like to bring the Agamemnon and Cortez into 2016 compatibility, and finish the Maintenance Fury. On the wish list after that: I'd like to figure out how to implement...
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    Problem XR2 control surfaces turning off during take off

    Make sure the APU is running during takeoff and landing.
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    Tell us about yourself!

    My absolute favorite username I've seen, possibly anywhere on the Internet! Crap. Sorry, I gotta go, we've got movie sign.....
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    General Question Looking for space orbiter game from 90s

    Was it 2D, or was it 3D wireframe?
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Hello and welcome! Well, aside from career (application developer for a global manufacturing company), you and I seem to have much in common. I also have a special needs child. Her mother and I divorced 10 years ago (also very amicable, and we still work together to provide the best possible...
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    What do you do for a living?

    So, pretty much everything has changed since I posted this 14 years ago. My ex and I divorced in 2012. In February 2013 I jumped to the electronics side to work as a full-time application developer, where I still work today. 2 years after I moved over, the parent company and mine split into...
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    What music are you listening to?

    The lady and I are going to see them in concert next month with Halestorm & STP.
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    Announcement Changes for Political & Religious Topics - "The Basement"

    Thanks for the explanation. No need to remove, just wondered why there seemed to be a disconnect.
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    Announcement Changes for Political & Religious Topics - "The Basement"

    Just curious. What exactly is the Opt In checkbox supposed to do from a technical standpoint? If unchecked, should the basement still be visible, and the user just can't reply, or should that make The Basement not visible on the forum list? 1. Mine appears to be unchecked. 2. I can still...
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    Discussion Frameworks for implementing generic Astronaut entites

    I'd envision this as some sort of configuration menu, or a separate program such as the DGIV or OrbiterSound utilize. A way to add attributes, and define what they do, within a set of abilities defined in the core (ex: Does this attribute define a resource consumption, a resource quantity, an...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    If by generic large space station, you mean a 6 km long EAS Explorer-class vessel with a rotating hab section and 24 docking ports, then I'm interested in adding OMMU support. :D It's why I kick-started the conversation in the first place.
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    I agree with not utilizing attachments. That presents problems with larger vessels, and I may have been the only one to see them thus far when coding dll versions of the Cortez and Agamemnon., namely (and I'm going by memory from years ago) that anything attached to an attachment point farther...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    I completely understand and relate to that, so no judgement here. I was simply wondering if someone else could pick it up and run with it. Appreciate all you've done so far, and if there's anything I can assist with, I'll do what I can (also not making any promises either).
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    Dansteph has been MIA on his 2016 update thread since February. He stopped work on all his addons because he needed to work on commercial software to support his family. Both projects are now dormant. Posted by user WolfAngriff on 11/06/2021