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    Problem Loading keep failing

    thanks, asbjos. But I found a solution. This thing is caused by my region. I tried my simulation in South Korea, But this program runs when I'm on 'United States'. Yeah, stupid region also blocks me from playing 'PUBG Lite'(My personal Favorite) 'cause it has to be runned at Thailand. So, I...
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    Problem launch failed!!!!

    Huh, this thing happens to me too, I've tried Europe region in the windows but nothing changes, it's been a couple of years. so, anyone figured anything out?
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    Problem Loading keep failing

    So, I've downloaded my game today, and when I launch it, the loading screen pops up and... gone. It doesn't work. I've downloaded through Europe mirror even though I'm on South Korea(there's no way to download it in Asia) and I installed it through MSI HTTP download. I have deleted and...