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    Request updates of some old addons

    hey everyone there are some outofdate addons that i would love to see updated to work in 2010p1 Project Mercury 5.0 - Project Mercury updated realistic textures - MERCURY LAUNCH COMPLEX 14 - Launch Pad 5 High Detail Project Gemini 4.5 - Project Gemini updated realistic textures -...
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    News MA-6 Flight Audio

    hey i was lookin around for the sts-95 launch vid - i didnt find it but i did find the audio from John Glen's mercury flight MR-6 flight audio
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    Updates STS-134 Updates

    STS-134 so with the shuttle era comming to an end in feb. 2011 i think it would be a good idea to have as many orbinauts as we can watching the launch on nasa tv by internet or on actual tv, and be in the orbiter irc discussing it and the shuttle era in general
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    Question What is your favourite Mission Insignia?

    my all time favorite and second
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    Viewing launches at the KSC

    i havent been there since is was like 5 or something but after looking in on the juno launch its not "open to the public" as it is being launched on the grounds of Patrick AFB but i did go to the Patrick AFB sight and did some digging and came up with this link Patrick AFB FAQ i hope that helps
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    Question If you were the first person on Mars what would you say?

    Well if the moon was a small step and a giant leap what would this be? or uh Houston whats the number for Jimmy John's? i wanna see how fast they can get here.
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    Flight Question Shuttle reentery

    alright, will do
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    "From the Earth to The Moon" an AMSO 1.17 Apollo 11 Full Mission Tutorial Using IMFD

    i dont know if the issues could be caused by the new version of orbiter and amso but someone should defiently update this tutorial to reflect the latest builds
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    Flight Question Shuttle reentery

    hi everyone as im new to the orbiter program i have the concept of how to reenter and land with the shuttle but i dont know actually do it and land safely
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    Question Multi-Joystick

    i have two joysticks and wold love it if there was a mod so a person could use both, one for rotation pitch roll and yaw and the other for linear foward back side to side
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    Idea Apollo 13 sound pack

    i think that those that have copyrights on it would only have a problem with it if you had to pay for it
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    Idea Apollo 13 sound pack

    Rex here with an idea I think it would be cool to have the launch sequense sounds from the movie "Apollo 13", espically if you could use it with other Apollo launches in AMSO and NASSP. specifacilly the coms of the crew and capcom, and the music also i took the time to find the times in the...
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    Request Earth Moon Transit map

    hello everyone im very new to the orbiter program and have installed AMSO, orbiter sound addon, IMFD addon, and i noticed that there isnt a map for jurney between the earth and moon. it would be a great addition to/for AMSO. It needs only be a simple 2D map like the one they used in the movie...