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  1. indy91

    Shuttle FDO MFD

    ADD button on the maneuver constraints table. Have you checked the manual? It also has a walkthrough, although that was still written with SSU. Most of it should still apply with SSV.
  2. indy91

    Shuttle FDO MFD

    Could you be a bit more specific? Are you asking how to calculate the burn with the FDO MFD? That should be covered in the manual. Any more specific question, feel free to ask them here!
  3. indy91

    Orbiter Video Thread

    Two videos about the recently recovered Skylark 48 AGC software, which was used on the Skylab missions and ASTP. First a video about the whole sequence of rendezvous maneuvers, with some docked attitude maneuvering at the end as a bonus. And then a video based on the Skylab SPS Deorbit...
  4. indy91

    Apollo 12 LM AGC STBY

    We have finally found the cause of the standby mode bug and it is now fixed in the latest NASSP release!
  5. indy91

    Apollo 12 LM AGC STBY

    It might not have been something you did wrong, just, in some circumstances the LM can rotate in yaw while sitting on the surface in Orbiter, while in reality that of course didn't happen. That said, I only see the technique 3 (Gravity + Celestial Body) in the checklist and I don't think the...
  6. indy91

    Apollo 12 LM AGC STBY

    Your IMU alignment is off by 6°. But only in one axis, yaw. I think I have seen this before. Did you use the "REFSMMAT + gravity" option in P57 at all? What can happen is this. You do a P57 using any other technique and the LGC saves your yaw angle sitting on the surface. Then an Orbiter-only...
  7. indy91

    Apollo 12 LM AGC STBY

    The LGC clock didn't update properly, so very likely, when you are doing the lunar ascent, the clock is still many hours off and that is responsible for the LGC not finding the CSM. There are two possible things going on. The AGC has a time limit for how long it can stay in standby mode and...
  8. indy91

    V8 Release Work Thread

    Another big update! Our S-IVB now simulates propulsive venting. All the time during Earth parking orbit Saturn V S-IVBs vent a little bit of their H2 to keep the tank pressure down while it is heating up. While there are non-propulsive (NPV) venting valves as well, during Earth orbit coast this...
  9. indy91

    Apollo 9 LM Landing and Rendezvous Radar self-test error???

    They rearranged the verbs some time between Apollo 9 and 10. So it's a bit different in Sundance (Apollo 9 LGC software) than all later versions. I tracked it down to program change request (PCR) 420.2: This was implemented in Luminary 31, some time in mid 1968. Apollo 10 flew Luminary 69...
  10. indy91

    AGS vs PNGS Rate of descent disagree on low altitude Descent Abort

    Yeah I added a way to show the misalignment of an IMU, but don't use it to get V42 angles, that is cheating! :D I mainly added it so I could quickly check in scenarios how good the alignment is, for troubleshooting. Otherwise I would have to do a full P52 just to check. It might also be useful...
  11. indy91

    AGS vs PNGS Rate of descent disagree on low altitude Descent Abort

    State vector uplinks to the AGC are using Ground Elapsed Time, so the RTCC needs to know the exact time when the AGC had its clock zeroed so that it can convert an "absolute" time to GET for the uplink. That's all this little 0.26 second update in the RTCC does, so that it knows exactly what GET...
  12. indy91

    AGS vs PNGS Rate of descent disagree on low altitude Descent Abort

    There are a few things I notice in your scenario: -The current GET is very different from the flight plan time for PDI. I guess you are simulating the actual mission with its delay? Should be no problem to do that. -The RTCC liftoff time wasn't synced to the CMC liftoff time. This is a fairly...
  13. indy91

    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    The result looks a bit strange. It seems like the OMS-1 PEG-4 target transferred properly to I-load, but not the insertion targets or the OMS-2 PEG-4 targets. The OMS-2 PEG-4 values are the default ones, maybe that insertion orbit is, too, looks a lot like a direct insertion for a ground-up...
  14. indy91

    question on Apollo 11 LOI-2

    The reason why they were targeting a non-circular orbit with LOI-2 does not apply to Orbiter, or at least not the Orbiter version that we are using with NASSP right now. On Apollo 10 they noticed that the initially circular orbit after LOI-2 was slowly getting more elliptical. This was due to...
  15. indy91

    thread calculation fails PC+2 update

    Should be fixed in the latest NASSP version!
  16. indy91

    IU failure procedures and manual LV control during launch and TLI

    I think the launch checklists cover it somewhat well, the main thing you have to do is put the LV GUID switch to CMC, or else no kind of command from the CMC to the IU is coming through. Also, this only works on Apollo 10 and later as the CMC software didn't fully support it previously. For...
  17. indy91

    V8 Release Work Thread

    A big RTCC update has been merged, changing the coordinate systems it uses to the correct ones used in the real RTCC until Apollo 17, instead of the ecliptic coordinate system that Orbiter is using. This is a big change with no real additional features, but should make a lot of future updates...
  18. indy91

    Apollo 11: Pre-Reentry CM RCS Check problem?

    I have encountered this a couple of times. It is just SCS attitude rate damping, I think. Manual attitude switches in rate cmd, attitude deadband and rate switches in min and low. So the SCS wants to enforce a 0.2°/s rate limit. Now, you start the CM RCS check with no rates, but the way the...
  19. indy91

    Shuttle FDO MFD

    Great that you got it working! I guess the ISS was way out of plane of the Shuttle in that scenario? I had actually neglected to post the latest update to the MFD from April, which goes together with the latest SSV release as well. -Fix two NPC maneuver bugs. This should make things more...
  20. indy91

    Support Implementing AS-202

    Just to update this thread as well, we now have the software flown on this mission and it works in my Block I branch: I don't plan to make any further updates for my branch at the moment: There is a lot that could be done in that branch, it's...